the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


13. in your eyes

“When will you be here” Christian texted

“I’m about to turn down your street” she texted back feeling the excitement building up.

She slept most of the ride there knowing there was no way her and Chris would sleep. The car turned down the street and she could see a figure standing on his lawn through the darkness. There he was, her best friend since the day they were born. Aly flew out of the car and ran at him, giving him the biggest hug. He picked her up and spun her around. She couldn’t believe it, it was like a dream. All those days wondering what he was doing and when he was coming home and here he was.  Chris put her down and just smiled.

“Look at you “Aly said “how did you get that much taller than me”

Christian just smiled his big smile. “I missed you bud” he said as he put his arm around her pulling her in for another hug.

“I miss you too” he said smiling

Aly gave her dad a hug goodbye and they walked into the house, Chris with one arm around her and the other holding her suitcase. They walked in and his cousins, whom she also considers her cousins, come running to her

“Aly” 7 year old Emma shouts as she hugged her

“We missed you too” 5 year old Tristan said as he hugged her. Looking at Tristan you would think he was Christians brother, they are almost identical, the same blonde hair, same blue eyes.

Aly bent down and picked him up “I miss you guys too” she said as she hugged Tristan

“Want to see what Christian got us” Tristan said smiling

“Yeah show me” she said smiling at them and they both ran in the other room.

“They said they are too excited that I’m home to sleep” Christian said smiling

Emma and Tristan came running back Emma holding a shirt that said “I heart LA” and Tristan came back with a la Lakers snapback hat on.

“Look I’m like Zayn from One direction” Tristan said with a smile

“Why is that” Aly said with a smile but feeling a lump in her throat thinking of Harry.

“Cause he’s got swagger” Tristan said as he did a little dance making Aly laugh

“You guys love one direction” Aly said smiling

“Yes!” they shouted

“Zany’s my favorite though” said Tristan “you know why” he asked

“Because he’s got swagger” Aly said with a chuckle

“Yeah” Tristan said as he did his little dance again.

Aly and Christian sat on the couch and he told her about all of the cool things he did in La and how many new friends he made. They fell asleep around 5am, Aly lying on one couch with Tristan lying next to her and Emma sleeping on the other couch with Christian.

They woke up the next morning to a bang at the door. Christian got up to answer it.

“ahhh hello stranger” she heard a familiar screech

“Abby” Aly said gently getting off the couch trying not to wake Tristan.

“Oh my god” they squealed as the hugged each other.

Aly and her best friends talked for hours catching up with Christian.

“So did you tell Chris about your new hot guy friend, Aly” Abby said

Aly shot Abby a look.

“What guy friend” Chris asked protectively

“Nothing” Aly said

“I’m hungry” Emma said waking up

“Me too” Tristan said

“Why don’t you go ask your mom to make you something” Abby said politely

‘We want you to make it” they said smiling

“Okay come on let’s get some cereal” Abby said getting up

“We want pancakes” Emma said smiling

“Of course you do” Abby said laughing

“Pancakes sound good, get working on that Abby” Chris said jokingly

“I’m going to go shower real quick aly said and went over and opened her suitcase looking for an outfit and her heart sunk. She pulled out a blue sweater.

“Harry” she thought trying not to tear up

“What are you doing” Christian said with a chuckle

“Nothing just thinking what to wear” she said as she stuffed the sweater back into her suitcase. She grabbed a pair of denim shorts, nice tank top and her make up case and headed upstairs to the shower.  Aly got a quick shower and got dressed then opened her make up case to look for Chap Stick.  She looked and there it was sitting at the bottom of her make up case, the plastic ring Harry had given her that day they let the balloons go in the ocean. She flashed back to that moment when he gave it to her and he said “don’t say I never gave you anything” the tears flooded to her eyes and down onto the bathroom counter.  What have I done she thought. 

“Aly breakfast is done” Abby shouted up the steps

“Be right down” she shouted back wiping her face with cold water to try and make the redness go away.

Aly went downstairs and Christian was sitting on the living room floor eating pancakes.

“Here” Abby said with a smile as she handed aly a plate of pancakes.

“I’ll clean up you guys go catch up” Abby said “Emma, Tristan lets clean this mess up”

Aly walked into the living room and sat down on the floor across from Christian.

“so is this the guy Abby was talking about” Christian said holding up her phone showing the picture of Harry kissing Alys cheek the day she went on the Ferris wheel.  Aly looked down at her plate not wanting to look at the picture.

“Well you know I want you to become a nun” Christian joked “but honestly you look really happy here” he said looking at the picture again. “So tell me about him” Christian said putting a fork full of pancake in his mouth.

“I messed it up” Aly said putting her head down to hide her tears.

“how” he asked and Aly told him about the guy on the beach and what Harry said and the things she shouted back to him as tears poured down her face.

“I’m sure he’ll forgive you” Christian said “come on he probably dealt with your cranky self but still hung out with you” he joked

“Your encouraging me to be with a guy…are you sick” Aly said jokingly feeling his forehead

“Yes I am surprisingly” he said grabbing her hands and holding her jokingly

“Does he hold doors for you” he asked

“Yeah opens the car door for me all the time, why” she laughed

“Does he say bless you when you sneeze? “He asked smiling

“Yes” Aly said laughing

“Does he walk away when you get mad at him” he asked still smiling

“No he follows me why” she chuckled

“Then he’ll forgive you, Aly, no matter what you do he still gonna think the sun shines out your ass” he said smiling

“Huh” Aly said confused

“I heard it in the movie Juno, but it’s true. He’ll forgive you and he makes you happy and not that you would listen to me anyway but that’s the kind of guy you deserve” he said smiling

“But I don’t have his number to apologize “Aly said looking down

“Then you’ll go tell him” Christian said getting up

“What” aly said confused

“Come on were leaving now” he said

“Really” she said getting excited

“Where are we going” Abby said peeking her head out of the kitchen

“Aly has to go apologize to her boyfriend and we’re taking her” Chris said walking into his room to pack

“Cool, I’ll let my mom know” Abby said

“You think your mom is gonna let you come” Aly asked

“Come on Aly! This is like in the movies when we have to rush back so you can apologize this will probably never happen again, my mom with have to say yes” she said excitedly

“Can we come “Emma and Tristan said excitedly

“I’m fine with it go ask your mom” Aly said smiling

Aly grabbed her stuff and put it in the suitcase and pulled Harrys sweater out and put it on just as Kelly, Emma and Tristan’s mom walked in

‘Did you invite Emma and Tristan” Kelly asked smiling

Aly looked at her and smiled “sorry they were so happy I couldn’t say no”

“I’m okay with it, I trust you guys with them I just didn’t know if you really invited them. Cool now I get a vacation” Kelly winked at her “just give me a few minutes to pack some stuff for them.

“Yay” Tristan and Emma cheered.

“Mom don’t forget my cool jeans because they give me swagger like Zayn” Tristan said as he followed him mom to his room

A half hour later they were packing Christians car while Emma and Tristan kissed their mom goodbye

“Be good, understand” she said “I’ll miss you guys”

Tristan hopped in and sat in his car seat and Emma sat next to him and Abby climbed in next to them. Aly looked back and took a picture of them in the back seat.

“Okay you guys ready” Christian said as he got into the car.

“Yup” aly said smiling

“Well then I think we need some good theme music for this trip” Christian said looking through his iPod

“Perfect “he said

“What is this” she asked as a weird beat came through the speakers

“Just wait a few seconds” then Christian turned the volume up

“BABY COME BACK! YOU CAN BLAME IT ALL ON ME!” came blasting through the speakers and they all busted out laughing and screamed along to the lyrics.

The ride was long especially because they had to keep stopping to use the bathroom, then somebody would be hungry.

“How much longer” Emma moaned from the back seat

“Only about 10 minutes….” Aly said and heard life is a highway by rascal flats lying lowly. So she turned the volume up and they all sang as Tristan slept. They pulled into town around 7 just as the sun was going down.

“Wait turn around” aly said. Christian turned the car around.

“Turn here” aly said

They pulled down a long driveway and parked in front of a huge house.

“I’ll be back” she said getting out of the car smiling

“Want to borrow my iPod and play “in your eyes” outside his window” he said out the window

Aly started laughing “this isn’t the movie “say anything” bud “she said as she ran around the side of the house grabbing a few rocks from the stoned path as she went by.

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