the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


22. i will never stop trying

“Aly come on, get up its time to leave” Her dad gently said as he shook her awake.

Aly opened her eyes and instantly started crying, this is the day she had been dreading.

“Dad, I don’t want to leave” she cried

“I know, but we can always come back next summer” he said as he started walking out the door, grabbing her suitcase as Jake followed him.

Aly got dressed into the outfit she put out the night before, denim shorts and Harrys sweater. She quick brushed her long wavy hair and sadly packed into her purse. She looked around the room making sure she had everything and stood in the doorway looking at the empty room, remembering the first day she walked into that room, they nights Chris Abby, Emma and Tristan stayed in there as Chris and Abby laughed that whole night, all those mornings she woke up to harry throwing rocks at her window, her helping harry through the window. She took her phone out of her pocket and took a picture to remember the feeling she was feeling right now. She took one last look at the room and walked toward the living room, knowing she wouldn’t be seeing that room again for another 9 months. She walked into the living room, the doorway full of their luggage and saw Michael standing there talking to her aunt and uncle

“There she is” uncle john said happily

“You didn’t think I’d let my best friend leave without saying goodbye” Michael said with a smile

“Have you been crying” Michael asked walking over to her

“Yeah, I’ve been crying since last night” she said about to cry again

“Don’t cry” Michael said putting his arm around her and she surprisingly leaned in to hug him

“I don’t want to go, I’m going to miss it here, and ill surprisingly even miss you, Michael” she started crying

“Thanks….I think” Michael said rubbing her shoulder to comfort her

Aly pulled away and looked at him “no, but seriously I will miss you, you were a pain in the butt, but you were there and made me laugh” she laughed as she wiped away her tears with the arm of the sweater.

“I’ll miss you too, Aly” Michael said hugging her “and here I’ll give you my number” Aly took her phone out and gave it to him, he typed in his number “and if you need anything, you just call me okay?’ he said smiling as he handed her phone back to her.

“Thanks Michael, here ill text you now so you have my number” Aly smiled and began texting Michael

“Hey Aly, some friends are here to say goodbye” her dad popped her head; she felt the tears coming again.

“Awe, you said I’ll miss you best friend” Michael said smiling “I knew I was your best friend” she looked at him and smiled as she headed out the door. She saw her dad packing the car and saw the boys walk across the street, leaving their RV parked on the other side of the street.

“This is the last morning we get to see you” Louis said putting his arms out and hugging Aly and she began crying on his shoulder

“You made her cry” Liam said feeling bad

Louis pulled away from ally and put his hands on her shoulders “I’ll see you again, you know that, so we can have another paint fight” Louis said with a chuckle, hugging her again. Then Liam reached to hug her “you be good alright” Liam said “I’ll see you soon”. Then Niall reached to hug her “I have to admit your cool, like your part of the group, and say hey to Abby for me” niall smiled and winked. “My turn” Zayn said reaching for a hug “you take care alright, I’ll miss you” “thanks for letting me give you a tattoo and say hi to tristan for me alright” he whispered in her ear and they both chuckled

Then she looked over and saw harry standing there, his hands in pant pocket, biting his lip. She walked over to him

“Save the best for last huh?” he said smiling, holding back tears

“Always” she choked as tears started rolling down her cheeks

He reached to hug her and buried his face in her hair “nothing’s going to change alright? Just the distance, ill text you and call every day” as he pulled away, Aly wiping her tears away “oh yeah I have to give you my number” she said as they traded phones and typed their number in and exchanged back. “It’s gonna be weird you not climbing in my window every morning” she chuckled as tears still came out of her eyes.

“Aly, I’m sorry we have to get going, Hun” her dad called standing at the car

“Okay” she said and looked back to face Harry

Harry walked her to the car, standing at the car door and reached into his back pocket, pulling out a cd case

“Here, wait 20 minutes into your drive to listen to it okay?” he said leaning in, putting his head against hers.

“Okay” she said tears pouring down her face and gently kissed him on his soft lips, tears pouring down his face. Aly climbed in the car and Harry shut the door. Her dad pulled away, Aunt Carol, uncle john, Michael, the guys all waving goodbye, she saw Harry’s red eyes as he waved, as they drove down the street.  Right as they turned the corner and on to the main street she turned the radio, as tears continued to pour down her face. The DJ talking in the background then she heard a familiar song “sweet dis-po-sition” and she remembered her and Harry blasting this in the car that day. Aly waited exactly 20 minutes then popped the cd in, and heard the most beautiful song begin to play “never stop” By safetysuit, and a note fell out of the cd case “this is our song, I pinky promise this I will never stop trying” and she began to cry harder than she ever cried before as the song ended, her phone went off, it was from Harry “you still get my heart racing” she texted him the whole way home, crying almost the whole way.

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