the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


4. hard knock life


Harry finally got a room after he had to fight Zayn for it but he surprisingly had a good view of the beach considering he was the last to get a room. His room was on the side of the house but it had a deck connected to it so you see the ocean. Harry opened the door and stood on the deck and looked at the waves roaring in. It was beautiful.

“wow, you got a pretty good view don’t ya?”  said Louis peeking his head through the sliding glass door.

“yeah, I can see why I had to fight Zayn so hard for it?”

“He didn’t bite you again did he?” Louis said with a smile coming to join harry on the deck

Harry chuckled and said “when has Zayn ever bitten me?”

“exactly” Louis replied with a smirk

“you say really weird things you know that?” laughed harry

“yes I know, but imagine if I didn’t say such weird things id be….normal? imagine a normal Louis, harry…itd be a sad sad world, my friend, quite sad indeed”

“there ya guys are! I’m hungry, can we get pizza or something? Said Niall from the door way

The pizza finally arrived and the boys were all sitting at the table.

“this is really good pizza” liam said with a mouth full of pizza

“yeah ill say, this pizza is awesome” said Niall reaching for his third piece

“Niall, is there anything you don’t like” asked zayn with a smile

“yeah niall I think you would eat your own pinky if you were hungry enough and still say its good” replied Louis

“ohh yeah well why don’t you try this piece” niall said as he flicked a piece pizza crumb at Louis accidentally hitting zayn

“ohh no you did not just throw that at me!” Zayn said as he reached for a hand full of fries and threw them at niall and accidentally getting some on Louis.

“really guys? We are going to be this immature?” Louis replied

All of the boys look at Louis in surprise

“of coarse we are!” Louis said as he grabbed a hunk of cheese off a piece of pizza and threw it at liam

“oh nice!!” liam screamed and threw a piece of crust at harry “come on harry I know you are dying to throw something” liam said as he threw fries at zayn

Harry picked up a handful of fries and threw them at niall and joined in on the food fight throwing food at anyone of the boys as they all laughed.

“who threw an ice cube at my eye!?” shouted Louis

“there is cheese in my hair and I don’t even care….which rhymed” shouted zayn

“dj malik has joined us for the food fight!” niall shouted with a laugh as he threw a piece of crust in harrys direction

“dj malik, dj malik “ the boys shouted as they threw food and ducked from getting hit in the face with cheese

“wait wait boys” liam said “look at the walls, we got sauce all over the walls” he said with a laugh “as much as I don’t want to surrender we better clean it up before it stains” he said with a laugh

The boys all started cleaning and after about a half hour of picking up pizza and fries off the floor Niall started humming a familiar beat when liam picked up on it and started singing

“it’s a hard knock life for us! It’s a hard knock life for us!”

“I always think of that song when im cleaning too! 'Steada treated, We get tricked!” Louis joined

“'Steada kisses, we get tricked!” zayn sang

“really guys?” harry said with a smile “im going to step outside for a minute its getting hot in here” harry said laughing

“sorry do you want me to leave” said Louis with a smile

“no harry because you know you wont come back till we’re done cleaning” replied liam

“no I will” harry said with a laugh

“that’s a lie” said niall

“really I will!” said harry laughing as he headed for the door

“party pooper!” liam yelled

“every party has a pooper that’s why we invited you” shouted zayn with a laugh

“party pooper!” shouted niall as he picked up the sink hose and started spraying harry as he ran for the back door laughing.

Harry ran out to the beach laughing still covered in sauce and cheese.

“the beach is so beautiful at night” harry thought as he listened to the waves roaring which was soon muted by the boys from the house belting out “California girls! Are unforgettable!” he smiled at them and  looked up to the sky and stared at the stars “wow I could get used to this view” harry thought

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