the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


17. flying

“Sweet Dis-po-sition, Never too soon  Oh, reckless abandon  Like no one's watching you”  Aly woke up to the song playing loudly outside her window. She smiled knowing exactly who it was and flew out of bed to her window. Harry was outside holding small speakers with a cheeky grin on his face. Aly opened the window and smiled

“Pulling a “say Anything” she asked

“Maybe” he grinned as he looked to the ground “hurry up and get ready I have something planned today” he said looking up “well two things today so let’s go” he smiled

“Let me guess you’re not gonna tell me” she asked with a smile

“Correct, probably should wear a bathing suit too” he said

“Come on monkey ill help you up” she smiled as Harry jumped and Aly helped him into the window.

“I think I’m getting used to hitting my stomach everyday on your window pane because it doesn’t hurt as much as the first time I did it” he said with a laugh

Aly laughed “well that’s good”

Harry looked at Aly and slowly leaned in for a kiss

“Good morning” he whispered

“Morning” she said kissing him again “okay stop distracting me” Aly said smiling as she pulled away

“Sorry” he chuckled

Aly got a quick shower and put on her baby blue strapless bikini top and peach colored bottoms under a pair of ripped denim shorts and Navy blue tank top and rushed out of the door with Harry.

“So can you give me a hint where we’re going” she smiled as Harry opened the door. He closed the door and got him on his side “the hint was to wear a bathing suit” he smiled

They drove for over twenty minutes down the main street, the sun beating in Alys face as the wind blew through her hair. They pulled into a parking lot, harry turned to look at Aly “you ready” he asked with a smile

“Wish I knew what I’m supposed to be ready for” she smiled

They got out of the car and He took her hand as they walked up a small dirt hill.

“Good morning”

Aly looked up and saw Louis and they rest of the boys smiling

“Hey” aly smiled

“Did you tell her yet “Niall asked

“No” Harry said and turned to Aly “okay want to know what we’re doing today” he smiled

“Yes” she smiled

“Okay come here” he said and held his hand out

She took his hand and walked past the boys to the edge of the cliff

“Oh my gosh” She said as she tightened the grip on his hand as she looked down at the drop to the ocean water below them

“We are going cliff diving today” Harry smiled putting his arm around her to comfort her

“Don’t worry its perfectly safe” Liam said now standing next to her looking at the drop

“I’m not going though, I’m just here to watch” Zayn said from behind her as she stared at the drop

“I know this is on my bucket list, but I don’t think I can do this” she said turning to Harry nervously

“Yes you can” he said smiling as he rubbed her shoulders trying to comfort her “I’m jumping with you” he smiled

Aly walked over to a big rock and started to taking off her shorts, not wanting to disappoint Harry or her.  “I have to do this” she silently told herself as she took her tank top off. Harry put his hand on her back

“Don’t be scared okay” he smiled “you can do it” he said and then kissed her forehead

“Okay” she smiled “let the guys go first” she said

She looked over and the boys who already took their shirts off

“I want to go first” Louis shouted

“Fine but I’m next” Niall said

Louis walked back and got prepared to run off the cliff. Aly could feel her hands shake uncontrollably

Harry and aly walked to the side to get a good view Louis jumping.

“Okay you ready” Louis shouted

“Go” the boys shouted and Louis began to run and then jumped off the cliff. It was almost like he was falling in slow motion, like he was flying as he fell to the water, while foam formed where he had hit the water and then his head popped up. He shouted with excitement. They looked at each other in amazement. Aly had to admit it looked fun, but it still scared her. Niall waited until Louis was far away from the jump and then he jumped off, shouting with excitement as fell. Then it was Liam’s turn, he jumped and moved his legs, like he was running in midair.

“You ready” Harry smiled as he looked at Aly

“Ready as I’ll ever be” she smiled nervously, feeling like she was going to throw up

Harry and Aly walked back to get a running start waiting for Zayn to tell them when Liam was out of the way. He kissed her and smiled at her “you’ll be okay, pinky promise”

“Go!” Zayn shouted

“Won’t stop 'til it's over” Harry said taking Alys hand in his

 “Won't stop to surrender” she smiled squeezing his hand and they ran for the edge and off the cliff. It was like flying, her hair flying, it was like slow motion. They hit the water and rushed to the top. She looked over at Harry; whose look wet hair was now in his face

“Oh my gosh!” she screamed “we did it” she screamed with excitement

“Woooo!” Zayn shouted from the top

Aly looked up at him and it looked like a farther drop from the bottom

“I can’t believe we did it” she said excitedly as Harry swam over to her, she put her arms around his neck and hugged him. Harry smiled at her as he pushed his forehead against hers “told you you could do it” she kissed him. They swam to a small beach where the guys were waiting for them, to make the long walk back up the cliff.

“You did it” Liam shouted as Aly walked out of the water onto the sand

“I really thought you were going to chicken out” Louis said with a laugh

“me too” Niall said in agreement

Aly smiled “well now I’m even happier I did it just to prove you guys wrong”

They started walking back

“Piggy back ride Liam” Louis shouted as he jumped onto Liam’s back

Harry stopped in front of Aly “here hop on” he chuckled

Aly hopped on.

“Hey that’s not fair” Niall joked to Aly and she playfully stuck her tongue out at him.

They got back to the car and Zayn was sitting on a rock waiting.

“That looked amazing” he said with excitement

“It was so much fun” they all said with excitement.

“Anybody wants to go again” Zayn said

“And make that long walk back up again, no way” Louis said slightly out of breath

“Yeah were good” everyone agreed.

“Let’s go back to the house, I want ice cream” Liam said

“Now I want ice cream too” Harry said smiling

“Me too” Aly said

“Good your next surprise is at our place anyway” Harry said as he looked at Aly with a smile.

The boys got into their car and Harry and Aly hopped into the van, following the boy’s home. Aly turned up the radio and great escape by boys like girls blared through the speakers. The boys making faces at them as Aly and Harry drove behind them giving those faces back. Louis pushed his face against the back window making Harry and Aly laugh hysterically. They pulled into the driveway and everyone got out of the cars

“We totally beat you back there” Louis said cracking his knuckles in accomplishment

Harry chuckled “we weren’t racing”

“that’s what a loser would say’ Louis said

Aly laughed as they walked through the door. They all headed for the freezer and took out a bunch of ice cream containers and sat at the kitchen table, eating out of the containers like teenagers do. After they washed up

“I gonna go take a nap” Niall said and headed to his room

“And I’m going to go video chat with Eleanor” Louis said with a smile

“Me too” Liam said

“You’re gonna video chat Eleanor” Louis said with a confused look

“No I meant I’m gonna go video chat Danielle” he said with a laugh as they walked out of the room. Zayn stayed and sat on the couch

“Want to do the next surprise next” Zayn said looking at her and Harry

“What next surprise” aly said confused

“Okay so basically I asked Zayn if he’d give you a tattoo” harry said with a smile as he turned to Aly

Aly chuckled “I can’t, my dad would kill me” she said smiling

“But I mean think about it, you’re already gonna get one” Zayn said with a smirk

“yeah and you got to cross out cliff diving and taking a road trip and eventually you’ll probably get to cross the others off, imagine if you couldn’t cross this one off, it’s like the rest were wasted” Harry smirked

“You guys are bad influences” she joked as Harry and Zayn stared at her

“Fine” she said smiling

“Really” Harry and Zayn said in unison

“Yeah’ she said smirking

Zayn reached under the couch and pulled out the tattoo kit form under

“What do you want” Zayn asked surprised

“Be creative” Aly said walking over smiling at him

“Okay but you can’t look until I’m done” Zayn said putting the stuff together

Aly and Harry grabbed two stools from the kitchen and sat down in the middle of the living room in front of Zayn and Harry sat next to her on the opposite side.

“Is it gonna hurt” she asked

‘maybe a little” Zayn said “where do you want it” he asked with a smirk

“Where’s the best place to keep it hidden” she smirked and Harry chuckled

“I’d say like your front hip and just don’t wear a bikini around him for a little while” Zayn smirked

“Okay does it on my right side then” Aly said moving closer

“You sure you want me to be creative” Zayn said with a smirk “and you won’t get mad at me” he laughed

“Make it tasteful “she smiled

“Okay you ready” Zayn asked leaning closer to her.

Aly grabbed Harrys hand and he kissed it as he held on

“Ready” she said excitedly as she stood up Harry still holding her hand

Aly stood there for at least two hours, Harry holding her hand the whole time. Zayn and Harry sharing stories of their tattoos and their meanings and making Aly laugh.

“Okay you ready to see it” Zayn asked putting the tattoo gun down.

“I want to see it first” Harry said getting up and walking around to look at it.

He smirked “it looks really good”

“Why did you smirk” Aly said a little worried

“Just look” Harry said

Aly looked down and smiled

“Oh my gosh” Aly said “it looks amazing” she smiled happily

It was a flying seagull with an H on one of the wings.

“I thought the H was a good idea since Harry has helped you mark stuff on your list” he said putting the stuff away.

“Now I’ll always remember this summer too” she smiled as she admired her tattoo in the mirror. She turned and smiled at Harry. Harry got some gauze and medical tape and covered it so it wouldn’t get infected, and so it would be harder for her dad to notice for now.

“I better take you home, I don’t want you to get in trouble” Harry said with a smirk

“Believe me being late would be like nothing compared to when he finds out about this” Aly chuckled pointing to her tattoo which was carefully hidden under her tank top.

“Bye Zayn, thank you” aly said giving Zayn a hug

“You’re Welcome” he smiled as Aly and Harry walked out the door. Harry walked to the car and opened the door for her and she slowly climbed in, feeling a little pain for the tattoo. Harry shut her door and got in on his side and started down the driveway.

“You’re not weirded out that you initial is now permanently marked on me are you” aly said nervously as they got on to the main street

“No why” harry chuckled

“I don’t know” she said still looking down as they stopped at a red light.

Harry grabbed her hand “I don’t know whats gonna happen 5 years from now, ten years from now, but I know that right now I love you and what the future holds for us right now, I don’t know, but I know ill never forget this summer or you” he said as she looked up at him “I promise” he said putting his hand on the back of her head and pulling her in for a kiss

“I love you too” he smiled “and I promise ill never forget you or this summer either” she said as the light turned green and They started moving.  “and its not just because its permanently on me to remind me “ she said and they both laughed hysterically as they drove under the stars.

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