the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


3. family reunion?


Aly stepped out of the car and stared at the place she’d be staying for the next three months. It was a bright shade of green that was probably popular in the 70’s and had plastic pink flamingos on the lawn, but she had to admit it didn’t look that bad considering the view from across the street. It was an empty lot that had weeds growing through the cracks. However past the lot you caught a little glimpse of the beach.

“oh I see theres an ocean view” aly said sarcastically

“yeah and you’re close to the boardwalk too” her dad said clearly not picking up on her sarcasm

Aly looked to her right and saw that boardwalk was only a couple blocks away, but even being close to the beach and boardwalk Aly was still didn’t want to be here. I mean a shore town that’s empty in the beginning of June just has scary movie written all over it.

“So what do you think?” Alys dad enthusiastically

“well I have to say the pink flamingos really go nicely with the bright green” she said sarcastically

“funny aly, now be nice aunt carol and uncle john will be thrilled to see you” her dad said

Well at least he picked up on my sarcasm that time she thought. And with that the screen door flung open

“oh my gosh! That cant be Aly! Is it?”

Aly gave her father a look and he whispered “smile” this is where Alys inner actress came out.

“you bet it is!” aly said happily

“wow! Last time I saw you you could barely reach my hip!” scream aunt carol

“well I was only five when you last saw me, amazing what puberty down huh?” aly said

“I see you have your fathers humor” aunt carol said with a laugh

Aly and her father unpacked the car and took the stuff to their rooms to unpack, but aly didn’t want to unpack, unpacking seemed so….offical, like she was agreeing with the situation. She sat on her bed and jake sat on the floor and started to whimper, he knew she didn’t want to be here either. Now if a dog can see it why couldn’t her dad? Just then aly heard the front door open.

“wheres aly and bob?” a man asked

“hey uncle john!” her dad said “aly come say hello to uncle john”

“okay jake ready to start acting again?” she said

Aly walked into the hall with jake walking right along side of her and saw uncle john

“hey uncle john!” she said as she went to go hug him

“ and this is jake” she said

“hello jake!” uncle john said as he pet jake

“dinners ready!” called aunt carol from the other room.

Dinner was the usual small talk weather, sports. “so where do you work uncle john?” aly asked with curiousity

“oh I work on the pier, some days I work the games other days I work at the ticket booth” he said

“Oh do you like it?” asked aly

“yes I do, it brings money in and ive always loved working, so if you ever want tickets let me know ill give you a discount” he said with a smile

“thank you, I will” aly said politely

After dinner aly helped her aunt clean the table and wash the dishes, while her uncle and father talked in the living room.

“maybe I can get you a job where I work, if you wanted to of coarse” aunt carol said sweetly

“I didn’t know you worked”

“oh yes I would get bored cooped in here all day, I work at a doctors office im just a secretary but I enjoy it”

“oh maybe in a couple weeks ill want a job” said aly

“okay well don’t hesitate to ask dear” aunt carol said sweetly

“I wont” aly said with a smile as she headed for the living room to join her dad and uncle. Aunt carol soon joined them in the living where they talked for a few hours catching up. After a couple of hours her aunt and uncle grew tired and headed for bed followed by her dad leaving aly alone in the living room. Aly turned on the tv not know what any of the stations were. She finally found an old episode of keep up with the kardashians when jake began to crying meaning he had to go out. Aly peaked in her dads room to let him know she was taking jake out but he was already snoring.

“Great now if I get kidnapped no one will know” she thought

Aly grabbed jakes leash and headed out front to the ocean breeze which was nice and surprisingly a little chilly. Aly stared up at the stars which were more noticeable than they are in the city.

“well If im forced to stay here, i could get used to this view” aly thought with a smile.  

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