the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


14. everything you wanted

She went to the room with the sliding glass door. “I’m pretty sure this was it” she tried to remember from when she and they guys had the paint fight.  “I guess I’ll find out” she said as she threw the rock at the door but it landed on the deck. She threw one again landing on the deck. The next rock she threw hard and heard it hit the door. And she heard the door open. Harry came out and looked over the side.

“Hey” she said with a smile and wave

“Hey” he said “I’ll come down” he said with a smile.

Harry came down wearing khakis and a t-shirt, his hands in his pockets as he looked down as he walked.

He got a foot away from Aly and looked up at her.

“I’m sorry” Harry said

“Me too” she said walking closer to him

“I never wanted you to leave” harry said as he put his hand on Alys cheek.

Aly slowly leaned in and kissed him. Even though she had kissed him the day before it felt like an eternity. 

“You’re a really bad aim” harry said as he pulled away

Aly laughed.” I regret the long drive here then” she said jokingly as she pushed him. He grabbed her arm and pulled her in for another kiss.

“Wait how did you get here” he asked as he pulled away

“Christian drove me and Abby and my little cousins came” aly said smiling

“Come on you have to meet them” she said as she grabbed his hand and led him to the car. Christian saw them and started clapping with a smile and Abby and Emma looked at Harry shocked

“Is that Harry styles” Emma shouted from the back seat and Abby sat there with her jaw dropped as she looked at them.

Christian got out of the car and Abby and Emma followed. Christian walked over to Harry and introduced himself

“Hey I’m Chris, Aly told me a lot about you”

“Same here” Harry said as he shook Christian’s hand

“Hey Abby this is Harry” Aly said to Abby who was still shocked

“Hey Abby I’ve heard a lot about you too” Harry said sticking his hand out to shake Abby’s hand

“So you’re the one who’s been climbing through Alys window” Abby said surprisingly calm

“What” Christian looked over at her” can we not talk about that” Christian said with a laugh

“And this is Emma” aly said as Emma walked over to Aly shyly and grabbed Alys hand.

“Hey Emma” harry said kindly as he bent down to see Emma.

“You guys want to come in” Harry asked politely as he stood up.

“Yeah sure” Aly said “let me go grab Tristan from the car.

Aly went over and opened the door and gently picked up Tristan trying not to wake him. They walked to the house and in.

“Wow nice house” Christian said as he looked around

“Thanks want a drink” Harry offered

“No thanks” Abby said politely

“oh we’ve got company” Louis said as he walked into the kitchen “let me get the guys” a few moment later out comes walking Niall, Louis, Liam and zayn.

Everyone introduced themselves.

“Tristan wake up” Aly said to him as he slept while she held him “come on bud” she said as she rubbed his back. He slowly opened his eyes

“What” he said lifting his head up slowly

“Look who’s here” she said moving him to see the boys

A big grin grew on the little boys face.

“It’s Zayn” he said excitedly

Aly put him on the floor as Zayn walked over “hey bud how are you” Zayn asked with a smile and bent down

“Good, do you like my hat” Tristan asked excitedly

“That is a cool hat” Zayn said

“It’s like yours and you’ve got swagger” Tristan said as he did his dance making everyone laugh

Aly stayed there for an hour before Emma started falling asleep while taking with the boys.

“We should get going so we can get these guys to bed” aly said getting up to get Emma

“I don’t want to go” Tristan said

“Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow bud” Zayn said

“Bye guys” she said and gave them a hug.

“Bye it was nice meeting you guys” Abby said as she gave them a hug

“Bye guys” Christian said as he waved while walking out the door.

‘bye come back any time” Louis said as harry walked out with Aly

Abby and Christian put the kids in the car as Aly stood there with Harry

“I’m really sorry for what I said” harry said as he looked down at the ground

“I was wrong for what I said Chris is a good guy” he continued

“It’s okay, I’m sorry too, I should have said what I said” aly said looking down. Harry put his hand on her chin and gently lifted her head up and kissed her.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” he whispered and kissed her again and walked over to the car and opened the door for her.

“Bye “said as he shut the door

They waved to him as they drove away down the long drive way. Aly smiling the rest of the way home.

They pulled up to alys aunt and Uncles and got out of the Car. Christian picked a sleeping Emma and carried her up the front steps as Aly opened the door. Aunt Carol, Uncle John and her dad were sitting at the table talking.

“Aly” they said excitedly

“Hey guys” she said as they walked over and hugged her.

“What are you doing here” her dad asked with a smile

“Well Christian said he wanted to go down the shore and I thought why not here” she said looking at Christian “this is Christian” Aly said introducing him to Aunt Carol and uncle john. Christian held out one hand holding Emma with the other and shook their hands “nice to meet you” he said

“And this is Emma” aly said putting one hand on Emma

“Aw she’s knocked out” aunt carol said

“You can just put her in my room” Aly said pointing Christian to her room

Aly went back out and got Emma and Tristan’s bag and walked in with Abby and Tristan

“And this is my best friend Abby” she said putting her arm around Abby

“Nice to meet you” Abby said politely

“And who is this” Aunt Carol said excitedly as she bent down to Tristan

“I’m Tristan” he said smiling

“Hello there, I bet you’d like some ice cream wouldn’t you” she offered and he shook his head yes.

Abby and Aly drug their stuff into her room

“So I’m guessing harry forgave you” Abby and Christian joked

Aly smiled “maybe” she joked. Aly shared her bed with Emma and Tristan and Abby and Christian slept on the floor. Aly was still awake and could hear everyone breathing heavily. She laid there with Tristan breathing in her ear when she heard rocks at her window. She slowly got up and went to the window and opened is as quietly as she could.

“Hey” Harry said with a cheeky grin

“Hey” she whispered down aly stuck her feet out the window climbing down, Harry holding her.

 “I missed this” Harry said

“Me too” she smiled as she leaned in to kiss him.

Harry pulled away and leaned his forehead against hers and smiled.

“I love you” he whispered

“I love you too” Aly said as she leaned in to kiss him again.

The she saw a light go on from the side of her house

“Crap” aly said

“Here” Harry said holding his hands out. Aly stood on them and he lifted her up and she climbed back into the window

Aly breathed a sigh of relief when she saw no one was there and everyone was still asleep.

“False Alarm” she whispered down to harry

“I’ll see you tomorrow” Harry whispered up and Aly smiled and she slowly shut the window and lay back down in her bed.

“Yeah he definitely forgave you” Christian said with a laugh

“Yeah I hear that” Abby said

and they All cracked up

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