the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


8. colorful war

Chapter 8

The next morning Aly woke up to a banging sound. She got up and tried to find out where it was coming from. She called for her Aunt, uncle and dad. No one was home. She stopped and listened and heard the noise was coming from her room. She walked in her room and saw something hitting the window. She opened up her curtains to see Harry standing there with a handful of small pebbles and a smile on his face he was wearing a white t-shirt and blue pants, his curly hair messy , but cute, as always. Aly unlocked the window and opened it.

“You know what’s awesome? They have this new invention it’s called a door and people knock on it when they want someone to come outside” aly said with a smile

“Ha ha very funny, I did actually knock on your door, you didn’t answer” he said cheekily

“Well it is early I was sleeping. How did you know this was my window anyway?” aly asked with a smile

“I didn’t, I just threw rocks at every window” he said with a smile

“Well then I guess it’s a good thing no one else is home” she said with a laugh

“Come on we are hanging out today” harry said

“I have to get a shower and get dressed though” she said

“Well I’ll wait, but hurry” harry said whining jokily

“Okay you baby I will, do you want to wait in here?” aly asked with a smile

“Sure” he said happily

“I’ll go open the do...” but aly was interrupted by Harry leaping up to the window

Aly grabbed Harry’s arms and helped him up and pulled him into her room.

“Again, a door is a great invention” Aly said sarcastically

“I know, I just always wanted to do that, but I scraped my stomach” harry said as he lifted his shirt to look at the damage, but it was just a little scrape. “It’s not as easy as they make it look in the movies” harry said putting his shirt down

“Well then I guess it’s kind of a good thing there isn’t a second floor to the house right?” Aly said laughing

“Yeah probably, now get a shower” harry said

“I have to take Jake for a walk first” aly said as she looked down at Jake who was wagging his tail

“I’ll take Jake for a walk, you get ready” he replied

“I don’t really like when other people walk him, what if...” then harry interrupted her

“Weren’t you the one who let him off the leash the other day?” harry said with a smile “I won’t lose him I promise

“Pinky promise” Aly said seriously

“You still do that? Pinky promises?” harry said with a laugh

“Yes it’s like a contract you have to stick to it” aly said still being serious

“Fine” harry said as he made the pinky promise “now go shower!” he said smiling

“Ok but be careful with him” aly said as she headed down the hall to get a shower.

Aly got a quick shower and got changed into tan, floral shorts and a white tank top with ruffles  and walked into the living room to see harry sitting on the couch waiting.

“You’re wearing that today” harry asked with a smile

“Yes why is there something wrong with my outfit choice” aly asked defensively

“No it’s nice…it’s just bring an extra outfit ok”

“Should I be afraid” she said jokingly as she walked back into her room to grab an extra outfit

“You probably should” he called to her laughing

Aly walked in and grabbed a pair of denim shorts and a white and blue striped t-shirt and shoved it in a tan, butterfly messenger bag.

“Okay are you ready” she asked as she walked back into the living room.

“Yes I’ve been waiting forever” he said laughing

“Well then let’s go” said playfully as she headed to the door harry following her and she shut the door behind them.

They walked down the steps and through the gate.

“Where to?” she asked

“The car” he replied with a smile as he pointed to a forest green jeep with a tan tarp roof.

“Roof or no roof” he asked with a smile

“No roof” she said without delay

Harry went over and removed the tarp and opened the door for her and she hopped in. Aly was really excited, she always wanted to ride in a jeep with the tarp off and just have the wind blowing in her hair, and it was on her bucket list in fact.

“Okay you ready for another unforgettable day” harry said confidently

“Yup” she said smiling

They pulled out of her street and started heading down the main street and Aly turned the radio on and call me maybe was playing. Aly turned it up and started singing loudly. Harry turned to look at her and smile and started singing really loud and obnoxiously. Aly Started to laugh hysterically while he continued to sing.

“Oh wow and this is your career?” she said jokingly while she still laughed.

Aly jumped in and joined his obnoxious singing and they both started dancing to the whole song.

“It’s hard to look right at you baby!” harry screamed and pointed to Aly “but here’s my number! So called me maybe!” Aly continued. The song ended and Aly turned the volume down and her and harry just sat there as if nothing happened

“We probably shouldn’t speak of this again” harry said with a laugh

“Nope probably not” aly said laughing

Then from the background of them talking she heard “I’ve tried playing it cool” and she whipped her head and turned to harry and had the biggest grin on her face and put the volume all the way up again and started singing. Harry let out the loudest laugh and started singing along again except they were singing normal this time.

“I need that one thing” they sang in unison holding their index finger up

“And you’ve got that one thing” they said pointing to each other laughing

Just as the song was ending harry turned down a long driveway

“Perfect timing, we’re here” harry said smiling

Aly looked at the huge house, with the nice bushes around it, it was beautiful.

“Where are we?” she asked

“It’s our house for the summer” he said as he opened the door

“Our as in all of you stay here”

“Yup” he said

“Come on lets go around back that’s where the fun is” he said grabbing her hand

They walked through a stoned path and walked right onto the sand and aly saw the rest of the guys laughing and having a sand fight.

“Hey guys!” harry shouted to them and they all turned around and walked over to him, dropping fistfuls of sand.

“Guys this is aly” harry said smiling

“Hi I’m Louis” Louis said shaking her hand

“I’m Liam” Liam said shaking her hand

“Niall” Niall said with a nice big smile

“And I’m Zayn, nice to meet you” Zayn said smiling politely

“So you’re the one that’s been keeping Harry away” Louis said jokingly

“I can’t get rid of him he just keeps popping up and this morning he was throwing rocks at my window” aly said jokingly

“You showed him where you live? Well there’s your first mistake” Louis said with a laugh.

“Okay now that both of you have made fun of me. Wanna see what we are doing today, aly?” Harry said laughing

“Yes” she said with a smile

Harry and the boys walked over and got three big white buckets and opened them. Aly walked over, tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear and looked down into the buckets. One bucket had blue, one had red and the last green of what always looked like powdered sugar.

“What is it?” Aly asked curiously

Harry looked up from the bucket with a grin on his face “paint” he said

“Powdered paint” Louis corrected him

“What are we going to do with it?” asked aly curiously

Harry went over to the blue bucket and picked up a handful of blue paint and threw it at aly, hitting her on the stomach. Aly looked down at her shirt and looked back at harry surprised that he just threw paint on her.

“We’re going to have a paint fight” Harry said grinning

“Oh you are so dead!” Aly said as she ran over and grabbed a fistful of green paint and threw it at harry accidentally hitting him in the face and he put his hands to his face.

“Oh my gosh harry are you ok?” aly ran over grabbing his hands to look at his face to see what she had done.

“Kidding” Harry said with a smile “it’s on” harry said happily

“It’s on like donkey Kong” yelled Liam as he ran and grabbed a fistful of red and threw it at Niall and Zayn ran over and joined in on the fight, throwing fistfuls of paint at each other. Harry grabbing a fistful of blue while Aly with a fistful of red chased after Harry. Everyone was laughing and screaming. Louis chased after Aly and threw green all over her and she turned around and threw the red at Louis. Harry stopped running and looked at both of them laughing, but Harry didn’t notice Liam threw two fistfuls of blue right at Harrys head, making Aly and Louis laugh even harder. Aly ran back to the buckets where Harry was when harry said laughing

“Let’s get Zayn and Niall”

Aly smiled and shook her head in agreement  and they grabbed a fistful of red and a fistful of green and aly threw the red at Zayn and the green at Niall as she ran passed them laughing as they chased her and threw paint at Harry snuck up behind them and threw red and green on them. Harry threw his back laughing. Aly stopped running and started to laugh. Harry walked over to Aly giving her a high five for their successful plan as Liam and Louis walked over.

 “Wait we have to take a picture of this” Harry said “comes on everyone get together”

The boys and Aly all squished on for a picture.

“Perfect” Harry said

“Here Harry get in this picture I’ll take it” Liam said

Harry gave Liam his camera and ran to the group to get in the picture.

“That’s a good one” Liam said with a smile and handed Harry backs his phone. While everyone just stood

“We look like a unicorn threw up all over us” Niall said with a laugh

Everyone looked at each other then looked down at their clothes and laughed in agreement.

“Well I call shower first” Louis shouted

“I call the other shower” Zayn shouted

“Well then I’ll just rinse off with the hose until you guys come out of the shower” Niall said

Louis and Zayn ran to the house to shower while Niall and Liam headed to the garden hose

“Hey Liam, would you mind taking another picture” Harry asked with a picture

“Yeah sure” Liam said nicely

“Ok Aly jump on my back” Harry said with a smile

Aly put her hands on Harrys shoulders and jumped onto Harrys back

“Can you take this picture on my phone too, Liam” Aly asked as she took her phone out from her back pocket

“Yeah sure thing” he said taking her phone from her and backed up a little. “Okay now smile you two” he continued “oh wow this is a brilliant picture” he continued, proud of his good picture taking skills

Aly and Harry went over and looked at the picture and laughed

“Wow I can’t believe my face is that blue” Harry said laughing

“I think face is bluer than yours” aly said with a laugh

Harry grabbed Alys phone and put his and hers down on the table outside.

“You know Zayn and Louis take really long showers, and then we have to wait for Niall and Liam to get showers...” he said trying to hint at something

“Harry I will not shower with you” she said jokingly

“That’s not what I meant” he said as he ran over and threw aly over his shoulder

“Harry put me down, what are you doing” she said laughing

Harry walked down to the ocean and held her until the water reached his calves.

“I’m going to drop you” Harry said jokingly

“You better not” she said laughing “now put me down “

“Okay” he said putting her down and the two of them walked out further

“Go under first” Harry said cheekily

“No you” she said with a smile

“Okay we’ll go down at the same time. 1....” Harry said crouching down

“…2...”Aly continued

“3!” they shouted at the same time and went under just as a wave was coming. They both got up from the water and stood up with colored water dripped down their face from the paint. Harry walked over and wiped away blue water from under Alys eye.

“Thanks” she said with a smile staring at Harry

“Showers are free and ladies first” Louis shouted from the window

Harry and aly snapped out of staring at each other and looked over at Louis and the other boys, realizing they had all been watching them.

“Oh and aly I guess you can get one too” Louis shouted as Harry and Aly walked back to the house

“Ha very funny Louis” Harry said jokingly

Aly grabbed her phone and her bag and followed Harry leading his way to show her to the shower.

“You can borrow my shampoo, I’ll just use some of Louis” Harry said politely “plus it makes your hair smell like strawberries’ harry said with a grin

“Oh my gosh my hair can smell just like Harry styles” Aly said jokingly

“You are one very lucky lady, not many people get to say that” Harry said playing along

Aly shook her head with a smile as harry left and she shut the door to shower. She took a 15 minute shower and got dressed, and towel dried her hair and headed downstairs where she heard the other guys. Aly grabbed her phone to check the time

“Wow its 530 already” she thought

She noticed she had two texts one from her dad saying

“Be home by 630 for dinner please” and one from Abby

“Oh my gosh sorry I didn’t text you back yesterday, I dropped my phone in the toilet, just my luck right? Any way I sat it in rice overnight (weird I know) but now it works, I loved the picture of the balloons in the water that was so cool! Anyway text me back J x0x0”

“It’s okay! And you would do something like that Abby! I love that picture me and a friend did that! I miss you, I’ll call you later!” she replied back

“Are we boring you Aly” Louis said

“Oh no I’m sorry I was just texting my dad back” she said

“I’m just kidding it alright” he said as Harry walked into the kitchen with a blue sweater and tan pants, his hair looking as adorable as ever

“Do you have to be home soon Aly” harry said

“Yeah at 630 for dinner” she said back with a smile

“And so you don’t walk around in the dark” he said with a smile

“What?” Louis said confused

“Do you walk around in the dark often” Niall asked with a smile

“They probably have a group session for that…I’m not sure but probably” Zayn said jokingly and they all laughed.

Aly laughed and joked around for about a half hour when Harry said

“We should be going; I don’t want to be late dropping you off”

“Okay” Aly said getting up and grabbing her stuff

“Bye guys” she said as her and harry headed out the door

“Come back any time, harry loves having you” Louis shouted after them and the rest of the guys laughed.

Harry opened the car door for Aly and she hopped in and shut it while Harry walked around the other side.

“So what song shall we annoy the town with on the way home” harry asked with a grin

“Let’s see what song we can find” Aly said as Harry pulled out if the driveway, the wind blowing through Alys Hair When party in the USA started playing

“I think we found our first song” Aly said as she turned the volume up Harry grinning at her

“So I put my hands up they’re playing my song” Harry sang obnoxiously

“All the butterflies fly away” Aly joined

And they sang and danced the whole song laughing and smiling

“This town must really hate us for this” harry said as the song ended

“We are just expressing ourselves” aly said jokingly

The next song started and it was Cher Lloyd aly turned it up even louder

“Oh my god! This is my jam!” she shouted

“Hey, boy you never had much game” she sang to harry as they both smiled and Aly danced

Harry joining in every time the background went “uhh” making Aly laughs even harder.

“Does this sound like a helicopter Brrrrrrrrrrrr” Aly said as the song was ending and they turned down her street and she turned the volume.

“So another successful awesome day” harry asked with a smile as he parked in front of her uncles house

“Yeah I guess so, you’re doing pretty well styles I have to admit” Aly says with a smile as she gets out of the car

“I try” harry said with a grin

“so am I going to have a surprise wake up of you throwing rocks at my window tomorrow morning” aly said with a smile

“Well if I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise would it” Harry said still grinning

“goodnight Harry” Aly said as she walked away from the door and opened the front gate her house and waved to harry one last time before she shut the door pushing her back to the door and smiling.

“Oh your home” Aunt Carol with a smile as she placed a pot down on the table

“How you doing kiddo” asked Uncle John as he sat down at the table

“Have another fun day with Harry” her dad asked with a smile

“Yeah” aly said still smiling as she walked to the table

Aly sat down and served her plate and started eating still smiling

“well somebody sure is happy” uncle john said

Aly still didn’t pay any attention and kept smiling

“Hey Aly? “ her dad said

Aly snapped out of her trance and looked at her dad who was sniffing the air

“what smells like strawberries” he asked  and Aly just burst into laughter.

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