the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


2. bingooooo

Harry pov

“wake up Harry!” yelled Louis

“Why?” asked Harry grumpily

“we have almost arrived at our holiday spot and we get to stay here the rest of the summer, well we have to write new songs for the album as well but there’s a beach and what not so it’s a holiday right?

“why couldn’t we just go to California though? Why do we have to go here?”

“well management wants us to stay out of the spotlight of the press so they picked here it is a quite random place but I see a lot of older ladies harry you might like it here” Louis said as he nudged Harry.

 “But these women are really old Louis, like grandmother old.” Harry complained

“well then you’ll have entertainment as well when you go out on a date to bingo with one of them wont you?” Louis said with a laugh

“I suppose” harry said with a laugh. It was hard for harry not to laugh at Louis whether he was sad, mad or grumpy Louis could always make him laugh.

Harry looked out the window at the shore town he’d being staying in with his mates for the next couple months. There were a few abandoned stores and buildings and houses. To him it seemed like a shore town that used to be popular in its day but just went down hill….drastically.

“don’t worry guys management says its safe to stay here its just like this after the economy went down, people had to leave their stores and homes” said liam in his reassuring voice.

“I didn’t see any good food places, this is going to be a long three months” said Niall disappointedly

“ yeah and being by the ocean makes my hair all messy” said Zayn

“oh come on lads we are staying in a house on the beach all summer who cares about food and what our hair looks like?” said Louis

“who cares about food? You are kidding right Louis?” Niall said sadly

“im sorry Niall I know how you get upset when I talk badly about food” said Louis jokingly

“its ok Louis because I agree with you, minus the who cares about food part, I think this is going to be a good holiday, all of us in one house for a whole summer is going to be great”

“right we’ll have a great time” said harry trying to convince the group and himself.

“look we’re here!” shouted liam excitedly

All the boys quickly ran to the window of the Rv and looked at the place that theyd call home for the next 3 months.

Harry had to admit it was huge and it was quite beautiful. The boys all ran out of the rv as fast as they could.

“I call the room with an ocean view!” shouted Zayn

“no!!” shouted Louis

“I call the room closest to the kitchen!” shouted niall

“aren’t you coming harry? You better hurry if you want a room” said liam

“yeah ill be in” harry said

“harry! You better hurry zayn is going to use your room as a closet! And I don’t want to hear him kissing himself in the mirror every morning” Louis jokingly shouted from the 2nd floor window.

“I’m coming!” harry shouted with a laugh as he ran into the house

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