the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


7. best day

Harry and Aly walked down the steps and opened the front gate and started walking back to the boardwalk.

“So are you just staying with your aunt and uncle” Harry asked starting conversation

“No my dad’s staying here too” Aly said

“Oh where’s your mum?” Harry asked

“She’s in Pennsylvania” Aly said looking at the ground

“Divorced?” harry asked

“Yup since I was in 7th grade” she said looking at him

“Mine too” harry said

“We have so much in common” Aly said sarcastically with a smile

Harry laughed “Want to play 20 questions?” harry asked

“What’s that?” Aly asked

“Simple I ask you a question, and then you ask me a question until we’ve both asked each other 20 questions”

“That sounds like it could take a while” Aly said with a laugh

“Well yeah but we have all of today and tomorrow and so on” he said laughing

“Oh you think with this fun day in mind ill just want to hang out with you tomorrow too?” Aly said jokingly

“yes because I’m going to make today fun….you’ll beg to hang out with me again tomorrow, you’ll be like “oh harry please hang out with me tomorrow I had so much fun yesterday and I want to see your gorgeous curls again” and I’ll say whoa Aly fine ill hang out with you” he said laughing

Aly laughed “oh really cause all we are doing right now is walking on an empty boardwalk” she teased him

“Fine next store we see we are going in and buying something fun” he said with a smile

“Look there’s an open store” Aly pointed

Harry grabbed Aly’s hand and they ran toward the open store. It wasn’t anything great; it was almost like a really dirty dollar store. Harry went down the aisles and grabbed a bunch of random things a kinds plastic jewelry kit, a pack of sharpies, and pad of post its, a cheap plastic whistle and a pack of balloons.

“Really?” Aly asked “what are we going to do with all of this junk”

“Have fun, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?” harry replied with a smile

“I guess” Aly said wondering what they could possibly do with a bunch of junk

They walked out of the dollar store and harry seemed quite pleased with the stuff he just bought.

“Come on lets walk down to the beach” harry said

“Okay” Aly said and they headed down to the beach. They walked onto the empty beach and headed for the big rocks on the beach to sit on. Aly sat down and harry sat on the rock across from her.

“Now what?” Aly asked

“Okay grab a sharpie and take this pad of paper” he said as he pulled half the pad of paper off. “Now write a wish you want for the summer or even this year”

Aly quickly jotted something down and so did harry.

“Okay then what” she said smiling

“Okay then crumbles it up and put into the balloon and then blow the balloon up and tie it”

Aly peeled the post it of the pad of paper while harry pulled two pieces off and put one in his pocket.

“Oh someone’s getting greedy with their wishes aren’t they” Aly teased

“No I messed up on one” he said as he put the messed up one in his pocket and crumbled up the paper and put it into the balloon and blew it up

“Ok now tie it” said harry

Aly tie her balloon and looked at harry questioningly

“Now we’re going to let them go into the ocean for them to come true” harry said smiling

Aly smiled “oh good idea!” Aly said happily “although I’m pretty sure this is a form of littering” Aly said jokingly

“Yeah that too” harry said in agreement

And they let their balloons go watching them float away into the ocean. Aly took out her phone to take a picture to send to Abby.

“What are doing?” Harry asked

“Taking a picture to send to my friend Abby” Aly said as she captured the picture.

“You know what I bet Abby would love?” Harry asked

“What?” Aly asked

“She would love to see a picture of you and the person who thought of that awesome idea” he said smiling

“Oh really?” Aly said

“Yup I bet you!” harry said coming to sit next to her

“Fine!” Aly said

Aly and harry got close together so that they could both fit in the picture and took the picture but Aly didn’t send it to Abby because she knew she would freak if she knew she was hanging out with harry styles.

“Wait I have to take a picture too!” harry said reaching for his pocket for his phone

Aly looked at him curiously.

“What? I have a friend named Abby too” harry said smiling

“Do you really?” Aly asked not believing him

“No, I’m just taking this for future references to prove to you that you did have a fun day” Harry replied

Aly chuckled “you like proving people wrong don’t you?”

“Yes I enjoy it very much” harry said holding his phone up to take the picture

He took the picture and looked at it noticing that Aly stuck her tongue out in the picture

“oh nice, now can we take a nice one where you actually look like you are having fun” he laughed and held the phone back down to take another picture Harry and Aly leaned close together and smiled.

“Now see you can take a nice picture” harry said laughing

“Thanks” Aly said trying to sound grumpy

“So how about some music” Aly said with a smile

“Sure” harry said in agreement

Aly pulled out her phone and pulled up the music and hit shuffle and 99 red balloons came on by gold finger came on

“This song would have fit to us blowing up the balloons” harry said

Aly laughed “so what are we going to do with the rest of this junk”

Harry opened up the plastic jewelry set and put on the fake pearl necklace and the clip on earrings

“Oh so we’re going to play dress up?” she said laughing

“Who said playing dress up, this is my daily swag” harry said jokingly

“Makes sense now” Aly said jokingly

“You’re just jealous you don’t have any swag” harry joked

“You know what? I am very jealous” she said sarcastically

Harry opened the rest of the package and took out the plastic ring with a purple fake stone and reached for Alys hand and put it on her.

“Don’t say I never gave you anything” harry said with a smile

“Did you just quote one Tree Hill?” she said


“You totally did” she started laughing hysterically

“Louis made me watch it with him, it’s actually good” he said in defense

“I agree I just can’t believe you quoted it acting like you just thought of that line all by yourself, cute real cute” Aly said as she continued to laugh

“I know I am” harry laughed as he looked to the ground

Suddenly “poster girl” by backstreet boys came on shuffle

“I Love this song!” Aly said and got up and stood on the rock and started dancing and singing to the song while harry laughed when suddenly Aly slipped and fell backwards into the sand. Harry quick jumped onto the rock and Aly quickly got up

“I’m okay” she said with a smile

Harry laughed “falling for me already I see”

“Oh your caught me” Aly said jokingly

Harry laughed “so we never got to play 20 questions”

“Okay you go first” Aly said

“Okay uhm… do you have any siblings?” he asked

“Yes, I have an older brother and an older sister”

“Okay your turn” he said

“Okay, who’s your best friend?”

“Louis” he said

“How about you, who’s your best friend? Abby?” he asked

“Yeah she’s like my sister, but my friend Chris” she said

“Oh…” harry said and looked down

“He’s like my little brother, I’ve known him since we were in diapers” Aly continued

“Oh that sounds nice” harry said as he looked up

Harry and Aly went back and forth with the questions for at least an hour until Alys phone went off with a text from her dad

“Haven’t heard from you all day are you okay?”

She texted back “sorry I’m hanging out with a friend “

“Sorry that was my dad, I didn’t realize how late it was “ 

Alys phone went off again with another text from her dad

“Okay well be home by 7 okay? I don’t want you walking around by yourself in the dark”

“Okay” she replied back

Aly looked at the time and saw that it was already 6.

 “I have to be home by 7 for dinner, well that and my dad doesn’t want me walking around in the dark”

“Do you walk around in the dark often” harry asked jokingly

“Shut up “Aly said jokingly

“Well I’ll walk you home” Harry said “don’t want you getting lost and walking around in the dark” harry teased

Aly and Harry cleaned up and started walking to Aly’s place and continued playing 20 questions and laughing. About 20 minutes into the walk the sun started going down and the sky behind the ocean turn a beautiful orange and pink color. Aly took out her phone to take a picture.

“Wow that’s a perfect picture” she said “I should totally become a photographer” she joked

“It’s the perfect picture to a perfect day isn’t it” harry asked confidently

“Maybe, I mean we still have about five minutes until we get to my house you could mess it up she teased as she walked backwards

“Oh really” harry asked as he went running towards her

Aly ran laughing until Harry grabbed her and flung her over his shoulder.

“I am throwing you into the ocean, for being means to me all day” he teased

“No I’m sorry now put me down” she laughed

“Only if you say you had an awesome day” he said

“Fine! I had an awesome day” she shouted laughing

“No say Dearest Harry thank you so much for this awesome day” he laughed “and say it nicely”

Aly laughed “harry, thank you, I had an awesome day! Is that good enough” she asked still laughing

“egh, I guess so” he said as he put her down

They reached Alys house and stood at her front gate.

“You know I only said I had an awesome day so you would put me down” she said jokingly

“Oh you are mean” Harry said

Aly chuckled “I’m kidding, I actually did have fun today” she said as she opened the gate and headed up the stairs smiling at harry

“Goodnight Aly” Harry said with a smile

“Good night harry” Aly said opening the door.

Harry watched her close the front door until he started walking home and smiled the whole walk home.

Aly went in and washed her hands for dinner

“There you are did you have fun today?” her dad said as they walked into the kitchen

“Yeah” she said still smiling

“I’m glad you found a new friend to hang out with” her dad said as they sat at the table

“Yeah he’s a real nice guy, Aly” said her uncle john

“Wait you didn’t tell me he was a guy” her dad said quickly

Aly laughed and started eating her dinner.

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