the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


16. A moment of love, a dream, a laugh

Aly and Harry went back into the house and got a shower and walked back into her room where Harry was lying her bed. She was still upset to see her friends leave.

“Are you sad” Harry asked trying to cheer her up

“No” she lied as she looked down in front of the mirror

“I think your lying” Harry said with a smile as he got off the bed

“I am not” She said with a smirk

“Are too” he said as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the cheek.

“I know something that will cheer you up” Harry said grabbing her IPod “I knew you’d have it” he said as he switched a song on. Let it out by Ed Sheeran came through the speakers and he started to dance. Aly watched him dance through the mirror and laughed.

“You know you want to dance” he said with a smirk

Aly started swinging her hips and moving her head with a smile. Harry climbed up on her bed and started jumping up and down while aly continued to dance.

“Come on its fun” Harry said as he smiled and jumped

Aly climbed up on the bed and started jumping and laughing as the music continued to play.

“Okay good, you had me concerned” Aunt Carol said as she peeked her head in “all I heard was the bed shaking and near had a heart attack” she said with a laugh

Aly and Harry looked at each other and fell on the bed laughing as tears came down their faces from laughing so hard.

“There’s a smile” Harry said as he wiped her tears away and leaned over to kiss her

“Are you trying to give my Aunt a heart attack” aly joked

Harry put his head back and laughed and checked his phone “it’s that time already” he said “hurry and get ready were gonna be late” he said

“For what” Aly asked curiously

“It’s a surprise now hurry” he said with a grin

Aly quick put on a pair of tan shorts and a navy blue shirt, finishing her outfit with tan sandals. She didn’t even have time to do her hair, so she let it dry naturally with its small waves throughout it.

“Bye Aunt Carol” Aly shouted as they ran out of the house and drove to Harrys.

They pulled up to the house and Harry opened the door for her, covering her eyes and she got out of the car. They slowly walked through the stoned path and onto the beach, Harry covering her eyes the whole way.

“Okay open” Harry said taking his hands off her eyes.

She opened her eyes and saw two big tan horses standing no more than ten feet away from her, Louis holding one and Zayn holding the other, while Liam and Niall stood next to them.

“Surprise” they shouted

“Well it’s really Harrys surprise not our” Louis said smiling

“Oh my gosh their beautiful” aly said

“We are going to ride them on the beach today” Harry said smiling at her

“I didn’t know you could ride horses on the beach” Aly said still surprised

“Well you’re not really allowed” Liam said

Aly looked over at Harry surprised

“I made a few calls” he smiled cheekily

Aly smiled and he grabbed her hand as they walked over.

“Want to get on” harry asked

“Yeah” Aly said excitedly

Harry helped her up while Zayn stood on the opposite side so she wouldn’t fall off.

“I’ve never rode a horse before” aly said smiling as the boys helped Harry up

“Me either” harry smiled

“First time for everything” Aly said as the horse started walking forward

“Okay I guess were leaving now” Aly said with a laugh as she waved to the boys

“I think your trying to beat me” Harry laughed as his horse walked behind Alys

“In what” Aly said with a laugh

“The race” he joked as his horse moved to walk alongside her.

Aly laughed “I didn’t know there was a race”

“Me either” Harry chuckled as he put his head down

Aly and Harry Rode the horses up and down the beach until the sun went down. They rode the horses back to Harrys where the owners were there to take the horses. Harry hopped off the horse and went over to help Aly off

“I’m going to miss you” Aly said to the horse. She gave it a hug and kissed it on the nose.

“Thank you so much “Harry said shaking the owner’s hand

“Our pleasure, I bet the horses are thanking you too, they love the beach” 

They put the horses in the car as Harry and Aly waved goodbye.

“That was amazing, thank you” Aly said kissing Harry gently

“You’re welcome” Harry whispered

They walked into the house together and lay on the couch watching TV as Aly rested her head on Harry’s chest.

“Those horses were so cute” Aly said “I guess I can cross that off my bucket list too”

“That was on your bucket list” Harry ask and Aly didn’t look up but she knew he was smiling

“Yeah” Aly smiled

“What else do you get to cross off” He asked playing with her hair

“Well take a road trip with my best friends; I drove here with Chris and Abby. Which I guess in a way you helped me cross that off since they drove me here for you” Aly said with a laugh

Harry put his head down and kissed on the top of her head

“What else is on your bucket list” he asked

“I want to go to Paris, Ireland, the Bahamas and London.”

“You want to go to London because of me don’t you” he joked

“I’ve wanted to go there since I was little and would watch those Mary Kate and Ashley movie, oh and Australia, they went there too” she laughed “they didn’t go to Ireland though, I want to go there because I’m like 50% Irish, if you didn’t notice my slightly pale complexion” she chuckled

“I have you and Niall match” They both laughed

“What else” he asked

“I want to cliff dive into the ocean”

“You?” he asked surprised “you’re afraid of heights and you want to jump off a high cliff into the water”

“Yeah I know it’s weird” she laughed

“Oh! I want to name a star too and ride a quad through the woods and mud, that’s not very girly but I still want to and oh I want to swim with dolphins” she said excitedly

“Those are really good ones” he said still playing with her hair.

“Then you know the more normal ones get married, have kids, get a tattoo, and go to Times Square in New York on New Year’s Eve and kiss someone at midnight”

“You want a tattoo” Harry asked surprised

“Yeah why” she asked

“You just don’t seem like a person who would want one” he smiled

“Why does everyone say that” she said with a smile, lifting her head up to look at him

“I don’t know” he chuckled “what would you get if you could” he asked smiling

“I’m not sure yet” she said as she put her head down

“Zany’s really good at giving tattoos, just saying” harry chuckled

Aly laughed “my dad would kill me if I got one”

“Get it where he won’t see it” Harry laughed

“You are a bad influence “Aly said with a laugh as she got up as her phone went off.

“It’s like he knew I was thinking of doing something” She said as she looked at her phone and turned it to show Harry “it’s a text from my dad” she chuckled

“Come on I’ll take you home” harry said getting off the couch

“How did you know that’s what he said” she asked surprised

Harry laughed “you’re not allowed to walk in the dark” he chuckled “that and he always does when the sun goes down, which is probably a good thing, I don’t want you to see my inner werewolf” he said with a laugh as they walked out the door.

“Bye guys” Aly shouted before leaving “werewolves only come out with a full moon” she chuckled as Harry opened the car door for her

“Depends which werewolves we’re talking about” he laughed as he shut the door

Harry climbed in the car “right?” he asked “and what if I’m a special kind of werewolf” he chuckled

“Well you’re definitely special” Aly said with a laugh

“My mum says that too!” he laughed

They pulled out of the driveway as sweet disposition by the temper trap came on

“I love this song” Harry said turning the volume up

“Me too” Aly said with a smile.

Aly started turning her head, dancing as her hair flowed all around, harry singing the whole way. The song ended and they looked at each other

“Again?” Aly asked taking her phone out

“Of course” harry said as Aly plugged her phone into the radio and continued to dance and swing their heads.

They pulled up to her house and Harry leaned in to kiss her goodbye just as “ A moment of love, A dream,  A laugh, A kiss, A cry, Our rights, Our wrongs” played in the background

Aly got out of the car and danced up to her house and as her and Harry continued to sing. “Won't stop 'til it's over, Won't stop to surrender” she said as she looked at Harry before shutting the front door. She pushed her back against the door and faced the kitchen, smiling, her dad looked over

“Have fun?” Uncle John asked as he looked over at her.

“I love being a teenager, I want to be young forever” she said walking over to the table.

“I hear ya kiddo” Uncle John said.

After dinner Everyone cleaned up and headed for bed. Aly laid in her bed and put her headphones in and put on sweet disposition and danced as she laid in her bed. “I never want this summer to end” she thought as she continued to dance “A moment of love, A dream, A laugh” blaring through the headphones.

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