the unforgettable summer

Aly is forced to spend her entire summer with her dad at her great aunt and uncles house....this is going to be the worst summer or so aly thinks. but will bumping into harry styles change that?


1. leaving

Aly pov

“Aly! I’m leaving in ten minutes with or without you!” yelled Alys dad.

“okay dad! Ill be right down” aly said back as she was putting her long brown hair back in a sloppy pony tail. She had an open suitcase on her bed packing some last minute things she would need. “im going to miss you so much, what am I supposed to do without you this summer?” said Alys best friend Abigail, even though Aly was three years older than Abby the age difference never mattered even though Aly was 17 and Abby was 14 they were still the best of friend, close to sisters even.

“Come on Abby, you’ll figure something out, ill text you the whole time and we can skype and facetime everyday, you wont even notice im gone” said Aly trying to comfort her best friend.

“you’re gonna come back when Chris comes to visit though, right?” asked Abby

“of coarse! I wouldn’t miss it!” Aly said with a smile. Aly has been best friends with chris since the day he was born, shes only six months older than him but he always seemed like the oldest. Aly and chris have been through everything together, chris’s dad never being there for him, alys parents constantly fighting, alys parents getting a divorce and of coarse chris’ drug problem. Chris was sent away when he was 16 for drugs and getting into fights and even though everyone around her kept saying how much he changed, he was always that little boy she would play with when they were little. Chris is like the younger brother Aly never had and they could get through anything together. Chris was always the independent one which is why at 18 he moved to California to be on his own, and even though it crushed aly for him to be so far away, she knew it was probably best for him. She hadn’t seen chris in months so there was no way she would miss his visit home.

Aly walked over to her bed and zipped up her suitcase, confident that she had everything she needed for her 3 month stay her aunt and uncle’s house

“Aly lets go! We have a long drive ahead of us” yelled her dad

“coming!” aly shouted back

Aly looked at her friend then picked her suitcase off the bed and head for the stairs. She walked outside to hand her dad the last of the luggage.

“ill be right back im going to go get jakes cage”

“already in the car along with all of his other things” replied her father

“I would have gotten it, dad” “jake!” called Aly “come on jakey” she yelled again and out of the house came Alys small dog, his blonde hair blowing in the summer breeze and his big brown eyes looking at her with excitement. Aly picks up jake and puts him in his cage in the car and turns to abby

“I’m going to miss you abby, call me, text me, skype me everyday okay? No excuses” she said with a smile trying to hide her forming tears.

“The same goes for you “Abby says as she hugs Aly

“ill see you in a month or so when chris comes to visit” Alys says as she climbs into the car.Aly looks into the rearview mirror slowly watching her best friend fade away into the distance. Just as they got out of Philadelphia her dad looks at her and says “Don’t be sad Al, you’ll love it there,they live by the beach and the boardwalk, it will be like a long vacation”

“doubt it” aly said “ they don’t have abby or any of my other friends and its hours from home” she said angrily as she put her ipod on blasting boys like girls on to drain out anything her father was going to say. Truth is Aly was mad at her dad for making her spend her whole summer with her great aunt and uncle whom she barely even knew, she had nothing against them it was just that her great uncle John was her grandfathers brother. Her grandfather walked out on their family when she was ten, moved to god knows where, hasn’t tried to contact them since. She didn’t have many good memories her grandfather all she remembered was him constantly yelling and being angry and as far as she was concerned he wasn’t a grandfather he was just blood and blood doesn’t give him the right to be the way he was. Still aly always wondered how someone could just walk out on their family and didn’t understand how he could never call on birthdays or holidays. There were a lot of things aly didn’t understand like how her parents could just fall out of love with eachother, she didn’t understand how after 18 years of marriage they could divorce eachother like it was nothing, she also didn’t get how her best friend could have had a drug problem. Aly never told her friends her true feelings about these issues she just kept it inside, from Abby, her sister, krysta, chris. She always keeps her feelings inside and she hated that part of her.

Before she knew it she fell asleep and dreamt she was on the beach with Abby and Krysta, listening to the waves and watching all the hot guys walk by and her and abby would rate them like they would do in the mall when they were bored. “so Aly what would you give him?” laughed abby “Aly?” ….”Aly!” only it wasn’t abbys voice, it was her dads.

“Aly” he said nudging her to get up “come on you’ve been sleeping pretty much the whole time and you have to walk jake at the next stop.” Had she really slept that long or had she been pretending to sleep that long? She didn’t know

“okay how much longer until we are there?” she asked tiredly

“ about 45 minutes I don’t know how much longer jake can hold it though hes been crying for the past 20 minutes”

Wow I guess i had been out that long, I guess stay up late packing and getting only 2 hours of sleep can do that to someone. Aly thought. Before she knew it they were at the rest stop her dad stopped to get gas and Aly took jake out of the car and started walking wherever Jake led her.

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