I don't care about the scars. I just wanna be where you are.

Carter is a big 1D fan. She goes to almost every concert she can, but somehow she's never met them.
Finally, One Direction does a signing in her town and she goes.
After that, the boys like her, especially Harry. But what will Carter do with all the hate she's receiving? What will Harry do to help her? Will their love survive?
...Will Carter survive?


1. The Signing.

"And we're like NA NA NA! Then we're like YEAH YEAH YEAH! Always like NA NA NA!" I sang along to my favorite One Direction song, like ever, while applying my mascara.

"I would very much appreciate it if you stopped wiggling your butt while you're in just underwear and a t-shirt while bending over when I'm sitting right here!" Langston complained glancing over at me then looking back to the mirror she's holding, while sitting on my bed, applying her mascara as well.

"Sorry, Hun. But, I don't care." I capped the mascara bottle and went on to do my eye-liner.

Langston groaned but went back to her own business.

"I can't believe we're going to meet One Direction." I muttered after a while. I changed into the shirt that we puffy painted together - mine says, "Future Mrs. Styles" and has a poorly drawn cat on the front and all of the boy's names on the back. It was a black shirt with neon paint. It was so cute! Her's was the same except it claimed she was the future Mrs. Horan with a poorly painted taco.

As I was pulling on my skinny jeans, Langston got up and flicked her black - with brown highlights - hair over her shoulder and began to pull on her jean shorts as well. 

"I know! After 2 whole years of supporting them we're finally going to MEET them!" She exclaimed, wiggling her butt and jumping to get the tight shorts on. I found myself doing the same with my jeans.

She pulled on her shirt and I brushed my hair for the ninth time this morning. I finally got it pin straight and I intend on keeping it that way until we meet them at noon. My brown hair with blonde highlights are almost the only thing I loved on my body, minus my huge chocolate brown eyes.

Langston went to the mirror to braid her bangs off to the side and I decided to leave mine down.

"So it's ten, do think if we leave now we'll get there in time?" Langston pinned her braid and turned to me.

"Yeah, sure! I'll drive!" I shouted as I slipped on my Toms and headed out to leave.


"Oh. My. God." Langston muttered for like the millionth time. We arrived at about 11:30 and have been the - almost - LAST ONES HERE. We have been in line for 3 hours! It now being 2:30.

"I know, I kinda just wanna go home but then I don't ya'know?" 

There's still about 20 people before us but now we can sort of see the boys faces.

"We're... almost there..." Langston sang as the line continued.

And Finally. I felt my heart drop. My stomach tighten. My voice grow hoarse. Because finally, I was looking into the eyes of Harry Styles.

He was the first there and Langston was before me and they shook hands. I got near him and I immediately asked for a hug.

"Sure, why not, Love?" He responded and as he was going to hug me over the table the security pushed him down and motioned for me to move along. I was almost in tears. I was about to hug my idol and he gets pushed away? 

It's not like I was asking to have sex with him! God! 

As I walked away to see Zayn - who kissed my hand - I heard Harry say, "What was that for?! She wanted a hug!"

"We gotta keep things moving."

I glanced over at Harry when I reached Niall who sat next to Zayn. He winked at me and stood up pointing me out to someone. I shook it off, it mustn't have meant anything. I then came across Liam and Louis. They were drawing goofy versions of each other on the table and Lou asked me, "Does this look like Liam?" 

I look down and saw a really cute drawing of a puppy. I smiled and looked up at Louis, "Exactly like him! Spot on!"

"Told ya!"

I giggled and then I saw Paul at the end. I was about to pass him leaving my 5 homosexuals behind me when someone tugged on my arm. I turn to see Paul, he smiled and pushed me behind the table gently to where I was facing a Harry with a wide smile and open arms.

I felt so giddy that I just ran and jumped into him, he fell back a little but balanced us.

"You are the most amazing person ever, Harry, and don't you forget that!" I whisper in his ear and kissed his cheek.

Unfortunately, we had to un-cling ourselves sometime and Harry looked behind me and pointed at me saying, "Her!"

I had no idea what that meant but Paul pulled me over behind the huge One Direction poster and there was some kind of tent there. 

"Wait here, for a while." He instructed.

"I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?" I questioned.

"No, not at all." Paul laughed. "You have anybody with you today?"

"Langston, my friend. Black hair, was right in front of me in line." 

He nodded, "I remember seeing her. I'll get her."


A few minutes later Langston came back here with me, and being the worry-wort that I am I was hoping I wasn't in any kind of trouble. Are you not allowed to kiss popstars on the cheek?

We sat on a couch, Langston waiting for One Direction, me waiting for cops to take me to the slammer for kissing Harry Edward Styles on the cheek

"We're gonna die..." I muttered.

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