Undying love for you

Claire and Zayn have been fighting non-stop since her and zayn moved in together, but when Claire leaves Zayn and goes to stay at Louis's will Niall win her heart or will zayn come back and save her before she get sucks up by niall?


4. Hey beautiful

Claire woke up in the morning actually feeling good about herself. She went Into the closet and pulled out white shorts, a floral top and a pair of cowboy boots. She walked into the bathroom
And started the shower, she got in and started washing her hair and then shaved her legs and then got out and dried her long blonde hair. After it was dried she straightened it and left it down. She got dressed and then started putting her makeup on, very darkly and then layered her bracelets on again, she looked down at her wrists, she was hiding her scars and scratches, "huuuu" she sighed. She walked out of the bathroom and sitting On the edge of the bed was Niall and Zayn. "hey beautiful!" Zayn said. "what the hell are you doing here?" claire screamed. "well i am so sorry to say but i need to tell you something! Me and the boys have come to the relization that we don't want you to get hurt by the fans anymore so I AM QUITTING the band, they thought it would be the best for me and you, that is how much i want you back." zayn said softly as Niall shook his head sadly. "No, just because you don't want me to get hurt doesn't mean you need to quit for me!" she replied back to him. "and then we won't have to worry about stupid management trying to get me to flirt with other girls!" Zayn said trying to bring an upside to it. "no!" claire protested. "this is all because i have undying love for you!" zayn said. Claire ran up and gave him a hug.
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