Undying love for you

Claire and Zayn have been fighting non-stop since her and zayn moved in together, but when Claire leaves Zayn and goes to stay at Louis's will Niall win her heart or will zayn come back and save her before she get sucks up by niall?


3. First night at louis

While Claire was downstairs starring at her leather jacket, louis was upstairs making up her room by making the bed and he took out her clothes from her bag and put them in the closet and made the bathroom just perfect for her. He walked back downstairs and saw claire starring off into the distance, he walked over to her and hugged her and she started sobbing agian. After 20 minuites the sound of a car pulling up made her stop crying. She walked over to the door and opened it widely to see who it was, getting out of the car was Niall with a tub of ice cream and 4 big bags of chips. She ran to him and hugged him, he accedently dropped the ice cream tub but he didn't care. He gave her a peck on the cheek. "also i brought some movies that we could watch later." niall said to her happily. She pulled him in the door and took off their shoes. Louis was sitting in the living room already so they decided to pop in a movie. Niall tossed claire a chip bag and she opened it. By the time the movie was ended niall and her were all snuggled up on the couch. "hey you guys! The movies over! Wake up and go to bed!" louis screeched to both of them. Claire lazily grabbed the blanket and throwed it over her shoulders and mopped upstairs niall close behind her. Claire walked into the washroom and took off all of her clothes and threw on a huge tshirt she found lying on the ground, when she got out she saw niall fast asleep in the bed she would call her own for a while. She got on the bed and cuddled up beside him "goodnight best friend!" claire said happily
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