Undying love for you

Claire and Zayn have been fighting non-stop since her and zayn moved in together, but when Claire leaves Zayn and goes to stay at Louis's will Niall win her heart or will zayn come back and save her before she get sucks up by niall?


8. Engagment

After they finished eating they got back into nialls car and started back to louis house. As soon as they were there she ran upstairs completly ignoring the others and jumped on the bed. A few miniutes later Zayn came up to see her. "we need to stay together for the baby". Zayn aproched her. "i know sweetie come here." claire replied, zayn did as he was told. Claire stood up and gave him a kiss. Zayn bent down and kissed her belly. "so i've been thinking, just to prove how much i love you.." he said as he pulled out a box. "yes!" claire screetched and hugged him. Her and zayn walked hand-in-hand down to the first floor and annouced the engagment and baby. Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall's mouths dropped wide open. "congratulations." niall said as he held back the tears behind his eyes. "niall, can we talk?" claire said calmly as she pulled niall upstairs into the spare bedroom. "i am in love with you niall..i'm just together with zayn for the baby's sake.." her voice trailled off as niall walked slowly up to her. claire looked down as niall took his finger to get her to look up at him. he slowly started to kiss her and then hardcore making out. Niall reached up claire top trying to rip it off. she let him take it off. a knock on the door disturbed them as claire quickly  threw her shirt back on. zayn was the one who was at the door.. and he had heard every single thing. he ran away crying. 

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