Undying love for you

Claire and Zayn have been fighting non-stop since her and zayn moved in together, but when Claire leaves Zayn and goes to stay at Louis's will Niall win her heart or will zayn come back and save her before she get sucks up by niall?


2. Dont go back to canada

"come and sit down and talk to me sweet heart!" Louis said as he led claire over to the couch. Claire looked around the room, as always he had a teapot which was always filled with tea and sugar and cream sitting in the middle of his coffee table. "so why exactly did you leave zayn?" louis asked her "well, the management because they're saying that he needs to flirt with other girls to keep up his bad boy rep!" she replied to him. Her sobs begain to get heavier and heavier. Louis got up and walked into the kitchen he picked up his phone and pressed "1" on his speed dial to call niall. Claire heard faint whispers from the kitchen from louis talking to Niall. "I know your hanging out at harry's but your best friend needs you!" louis said sternly. He clicked end on his phone and walked back into the room. "Niall is coming and he's going to bring some movies and junk food over." louis said to claire. "ok". She responded wiping the tears off of her face. "so if your not going back to canada and your not staying at zayn's apartment, you can stay here for as long as you like! Everyday party!" louis said trying to make claire happy again. Being the gentel man he is he went out to claires car and brought her suitase in for her and started making up thr guest bedroom. Claire looked down at her pink skinny jeans and black knee high boots and then started staring at her arms, a black leather jacket that somehow made her feel warm and fuzzy.
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