Undying love for you

Claire and Zayn have been fighting non-stop since her and zayn moved in together, but when Claire leaves Zayn and goes to stay at Louis's will Niall win her heart or will zayn come back and save her before she get sucks up by niall?


1. Leaving zayn

"what do you want from me anymore"! Claire yelled at zayn, Tears streaming her face. Zayn was seated across from her on the couch, tears were streaming down his face as well. "like the way you look at some girls makes me want to punch you!" claire went on. "sweetie I got told by my manager to do that!" zayn replied back with a sniffle "whatever!" claire said in barley a whisper as she got off the couch and walked into the bedroom her and zayn had been sharing for at least 6 months. She grabbed her suitcase out of the closet and begian shoving her clothes in it. "baby! I know i can't make you stay, but please don't go home to canada!" zayn begged her "oh i won't im going to louis's house!" she replied back as she did her suitcase up. She walked out of the room with zayn right behind her heels. She put on her knee-high boots and slipped on her leather jacket and took the keys. She walked out of the apartment and down the 4 flights of stairs and down to the parking garage. She opened the door of her pink mercedes benz. She started the car and drove for an hour to Louis house. Without even knocking on the door when she got there she went straight in and started yelling "louis,louis!" he immedietly came out of his bedroom. He came close to claire and gave her a hug, he could tell she'd been crying because of all of the mascara on her face. "i had to leave lou! I just had to, but i can't go back to canada i can't!" claire wailed.
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