Poem of Possibilities

I made this poem up for my final project in grade 8. It's a poem about what I think my life will be like in 10 years.


1. Poem of Possibilitites

10 years from now, it’s impossible to know,

Maybe I’ll just take the path life wants me to go,

Live every moment like it’s my last,

And before I know it, it will be the past.


Or maybe I’ll take on a writing career,

And read my poetry and stories aloud for all to hear.

Writing would no longer be just a hobby,

It would be a career, where I could make money.


Or maybe I’ll become a singer one day,

Where my true love for music will finally come into play.

I’ll sing the stories of my life out to the world,

Just like I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl.


Or maybe I’ll be an actress, and star in movies,

I’ll have lots of friends, coworkers, and groupies.

I’ll read my script carefully, so I’ll know what to say,

When I portray a character, day after day.


Or maybe I’ll be a teacher of some kind,

And my goal will be to help kids strengthen their minds.

I’ll teach them all of what they have to know,

So when school ends, they’ll know exactly where to go.


Either way, I know how I’ll spend the money I’ve earned,

I’ll do all the things in which my heart’s always yearned.

I’ll travel the world, see different countries and places,

I’ll see new landscapes, buildings, and faces.


No matter what, I just know I’ll be happy,

People say they don’t have time, but I’ve got plenty.

I’ll choose my path; I’ll make my choice,

Because regardless of what others think, I have a voice.






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