Stand Up

Lyra is a very beautiful girl. With her slightly curly light brown hair and her big brown eyes. Her amazing personality. She loves to eat, is responsible at times, is so hilarious, super nice and flirty, and sometimes shy. No wonder she got the attention of these indescribable boys, One Direction. She travels the world with them. Little did she know one of them secretly fancied her. But all of them have a secret.


2. Scared To Death

We went on almost all the rides but obviously we were stopped by their fans a lot of times. The park was supposed to close in a hour and we were no where near the entrance.
"It will takes 30 minutes to get to the entrance so we could go on one last coaster near the entrance. I suggest Bonecrusher." Liam says. I see Harry cringe because I know that that is one of the most scariest rides here and maybe in the state. Everybody agrees to on it, even Harry but he doesn't look too happy about it. I feel bad but I know I can't talk him out of it.
"Hey Harry. You can sit next to me, okay?" I tell him and he looks happier.
"Okay." he smiles and I smile back. We all lock arms and start skipping while singing "We're off to see the wizard, the Wonderful Wizard Of Oz." Once we get there we wait for not even 5 minutes to get in the front of line. Louis and Niall go in the first cart while Liam and Zayn take the cart behind them. Me and Harry ride in the middle cart. He's so nervous.
I take his hand and say,"Here, hold my hand. Now if you scared squeeze my hand, okay?" he nodded. The coaster starts and we go up with a slow pace. He squeezes my hand hard but not that hard. I look over at him and see his eyes are closed. "Harry tell me what calms you."
"Not roller coasters." I laugh.
"Obviously but I'm serious."
"Uh I think what calms me most is singing."
"Just you singing, somebody else singing, or more than one voice."
"I'll sing."
"Any requests?"
"Nah, you sing whatever you like."
"I'm in trouble, I'm addict, I'm addicted to this girl, shes got my heart tied in a knot, and my stomach in whirl. But even worse I can't stop calling her, she's all I want and more, I mean da-
He stops singing and screams at the top of his lungs because we're going down and fast. We go in a tunnel and he starts freaking out.
"Harry. Harry!" I scream and grab his other hand,"Harry, I'm right here. Don't worry, it's okay." I put his hand on my cheek. He comes back down to Earth and squishes my cheek softly. Then drops his hand. I look ahead but see nothing but a flash. We suddenly go down and twist around like 5 times. When we get off, we try to find our pictures. Louis and Niall are making funny faces and Zayn and Liam have their sunglasses on trying to act all cool but when I look for mine and Harry's picture, it's black. I got a little upset but I didn't mind after a while.
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