Stand Up

Lyra is a very beautiful girl. With her slightly curly light brown hair and her big brown eyes. Her amazing personality. She loves to eat, is responsible at times, is so hilarious, super nice and flirty, and sometimes shy. No wonder she got the attention of these indescribable boys, One Direction. She travels the world with them. Little did she know one of them secretly fancied her. But all of them have a secret.


3. Let's Go Dancing!

Lyra's POV

As we get home, we're still wide awake so Louis again suggests,"Let's go dancing!"
So we agreed and left to go get ready. I put on a short, dark purple shirt and sparkly, dark blue, booty shorts on with 2inch black high-heels. I put on eyeliner and mascara and lipstick. I straighten my hair and finally I'm done.
"You almost ready?!" I hear Niall yell.
"Yeah." I quickly put on the earrings my Grandmother gave me and the matching necklace. I walk out of my room and grab my purse, knowing their eyes are glued on me. I know I look decent looking but not where you're drooling over me. Literally, I saw Louis slurp up some saliva.
"Are we going or not?" they didn't answer me they just stood there like drooling idiots. I remember when I was like that. I mean how could you not? They're all amazingly gorgeous. I take the keys from Liam and leave with the door wide open behind me. Eventually they follow me but it's not until I'm walking in the lobby. Louis comes up to me and tickles and soon everybody starts to join and I drop the keys. Before I can grab them Liam does and everybody stops tickling me and runs to the car. After a half an hour, we're there. I go to directly to the bar. I don't drink so I just drink water but they convince me to have a beer. Everybody is out dancing except for me. I'm sitting at a stool, talking or listening, to some guy named Kevin? Jordan? I don't know but he is boring me to death. I look around and spot Harry leaning against the wall just standing there, thinking about something.
"That's a nice story, George, but I gotta go."
"It's its Evan."
"Evan, I need to go. Bye." I said leaving him with himself. I walk towards Harry, feeling eyes on me. Note to self: don't dress like this if you don't want creeps eyes on you. I reach Harry.
"Hey Lyra."
"Hey Harry. So you find any girl you like?" I ask him.
"Only one. But she hasn't noticed me all night."
"She will I promise. You're impossible to not notice. And if she doesn't, then she's missing out on one the most wonderful men in the world." I smile at him and leave to dance with Louis.
Harry's POV

If only she knew. If only she knew the girl was her.
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