Stand Up

Lyra is a very beautiful girl. With her slightly curly light brown hair and her big brown eyes. Her amazing personality. She loves to eat, is responsible at times, is so hilarious, super nice and flirty, and sometimes shy. No wonder she got the attention of these indescribable boys, One Direction. She travels the world with them. Little did she know one of them secretly fancied her. But all of them have a secret.


1. Quit Staring Perverts

Lyra's POV

I get up and walk out of my room. I see them all sitting on the couch watch an episode of Friends.
"Chicken? I could eat some chicken." Monica says in the tv.
"The One With All The Kissing. My mom always loved this one." I say. They turn their head towards me.
"Good Morning." they all say at once.
"You guys creep me out sometimes. Make some room for me."
"What's the magic word?" Louis says.
"Now, damn it?" I ask as they crack up and make some room for me to sit.
"Correct!" Louis says or yells actually. I take a seat inbetween Louis and Harry. "Nice penguins sweetheart." Louis tells me.
I look down at and see I'm in my bra and underwear but we're sharing a blanket so all you can see is my penguin bra. I look up to see everybody staring at my boobs.
"Quit staring, perverts." I tell them and they all look up except for Harry. "Like what you see?" I ask him.
"Yes. Yes I do. Very much." I laugh and pull his head up and force him to look at the tv.
"Well that's all you get to see." I say and walk into my room. I change into black ripped sparkly skinny jeans and a sparkly hot pink tank-top. I put on my little black sweater that ends below my boobs. I put on pink flats. I apply some eyeliner and mascara. I curl my hair and lightly apply some lipgloss. I walk out and only see Liam already dressed.
"Hey beautiful." he smiles at me holding up a plate of food. I run up to him and hug him. I take in the scent of his cologne.
"Hey Liam. Thank you for the food, by the way." I say reaching for it but he holds it high above my head.
"Liam!!!" I say in a whiny voice. All of sudden Liam brings the plate down. But the foods gone. I hear munching behind Liam. I go around him to see Niall, munching away on my food! He looks up with an innocent look on his face. I slap him playfully but with a mad look on my face. I'm picked up by strong arms and carried into the kitchen where everybody else is. I look behind me and see Zayn. "Put me down! Put me down now! You know how I hate being picked up!" I screech fidgeting around in his arms. I try biting his arms and he pulls away afraid from me almost biting him.
After I cooled down Liam asked,"So what are we going to do today?"
"Amusement park!" Louis screamed.
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