We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

This takes place in California in the US during one of One Direction's tours. Rose and her best friend/cousin Sara are both 17 years old. They love to sing and Rose plays guitar. One day when they were at music lessons five boys walked in and told them how wonderful they sounded. That was how it all started...
Well it ends up that Niall and Harry both fancy Rose and Rose is struggling to figure out who she is in love with. And one of them ends up breaking her heart.
At the same time Sara and Louis become best friends.
**One Direction's real girlfriends aren't in this but I totally respect them and support them and everything. It's just I didn't want to have to have any real people break up in this so I just left them out of this. :)**


5. The Wishing Well

(**Author's Note** It's August 29 in the story & Liam's birthday was already celebrated the other day =] )
Rose's POV

Today was becoming a great day. Only a few fans asked for the boys' autographs and a girl asked for Sara and my autographs because she loves our music videos and covers on the internet. Well that's a first. We all even managed to get Harry on a roller coaster. Specifically California Screamin. It was actually very easy. Niall and I came up with the plan. We decided to blindfold one person then go on a ride with them but they don't know which ride they're on until right before the ride started. Right before it started, when we were already in our seats or whatever, we would pull the blindfolds off of them. It was really fun. First Niall went and we took him on the Teacups. The I went and they all took me on SpaceMountain without Harry though. And Zayn decided to stay back to keep him company. Then it was Sara's turn and we took her on Toy Story Mania. (It was Liam's idea because we hadn't been on it yet.) After her turn in was Harry's. We put the blindfold on him then spun him around in circles so he wouldn't know which direction we were going. We headed over to the roller coaster and waited in line for what seemed like hours. Then finally in was our turn to go and we got in. When we got our seat belts and other safety bars on, Harry looked confused then realized- he was on a roller coaster. He ripped the blindfold off and tried to get out but it was too late because the ride had started moving. Muahahaha our plan had worked. I high fived Niall who was sitting next to me. Then we enjoyed the ride.
After riding on a few more rides and getting a few unlikely to happen death threats from Harry, we went to dinner in a restaurant in the area near Sleeping Beauty's Castle. The food was great, and when we finished it, a waitress came out with a cake that said in fancy writing, 'Happy Birthday Rose & Sara!' And then there was a number 18 underneath the words. Then the boys all started singing 'Happy Birthday.'
They finished and we blew out the two candles. I wished for a chance for Sara and me to sing and have a career in it. Maybe even to become famous one day. That's my dream.
Once we blew out the candles I said,"Thanks you guys!"
"This is the best birthday ever!" Sara exclaimed. We ate the chocolate cake then headed over to go on a last ride. We all headed towards Sleeping Beauty's castle to go on a ride on the other side of it. On the way over I stopped at a little mini Disneyland merchandise store to maybe get a souvenir. The others stopped and while I was looking around for something.
I told them, "Just go on without me I'll be there in a sec."
"Okay" Sara said because she knew I wouldn't get lost or anything because we've been here a lot already.
I was looking around for something to take home and somebody came up behind me and put something on my head. I turned around and it was Niall.
"You scared me for a second there." I told him while taking whatever it was off of my head to see what it was.
"Oooh. It's just what I was looking for." I said while admiring the Minnie Mouse ears headband.
"Sorry, and what were you looking for?" Niall asked in his cute Irish accent.
"Just something to take home. Because whenever I come here I always get a souvenir. Its kinda a tradition thing that I like doing." I told him.
"I'll get them for you if you want." He said sweetly.
"No thanks. You don't need to. But thanks." I answered Niall and smiled. He was so sweet and kind and caring but also sensitive and funny. I was falling for him.
"Well I'm going to anyways." Niall answered, grabbed the headband and ran up to the front to pay for it. By the time I got up there he had already paid for it.
"Ugh Nialler"
"Here ya go." Niall handed me the Minnie Mouse ears headband. 
"Thanks" I told him and smiled. Then I put the ears on and Niall and I started walking over to the castle. I walked over to the side of the castle where the wishing well was. First I made sure no one else was nearby, then I took a penny out and dropped it in the well. I closed my eyes and made a wish. Then right before I opened my eyes, someone kissed me. It only lasted for one or two seconds but I liked it. I opened my eyes. Just as I thought, it was Niall.
"Rose... Can I ask you something?" Niall said.
"Sure." I answered.
"Well... I know we kind of just met, but will you be my girlfriend?" Niall nervously asked me. I felt butterflies all over fluttering around in my stomach.
"Yes!" I almost screamed out the answer and then smiled like crazy. Niall had a really smiley happy face now too. I bet my face was now all red from blushing, but I don't really care right now. I'm just so happy.
"Well we should probably get back to the others now" Niall suggested.
"Yeah I'll text them to see where they are." I texted Sara and she replied back saying that they all split up and just to meet at the entrance to Disneyland when the park closes. I told it all to Niall and we had a really fun time riding rides & we held hands a bit. Then we watched the fireworks together and it was really amazing. This was like a dream come true and it hadn't even been my wish. My wish was for Sara & I to finally get noticed for our singing and all that and finally get a record produced.
Well, Niall and I had a great night and that was the most wonderful birthday I had ever had. We met up with the others then got into another limo and went back to the boys' hotel and Sara and my house.
When I got into my house I walked up the stairs, went to my room, and immediately fell asleep on the bed sinking into the comfy mattress and blankets.
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