We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

This takes place in California in the US during one of One Direction's tours. Rose and her best friend/cousin Sara are both 17 years old. They love to sing and Rose plays guitar. One day when they were at music lessons five boys walked in and told them how wonderful they sounded. That was how it all started...
Well it ends up that Niall and Harry both fancy Rose and Rose is struggling to figure out who she is in love with. And one of them ends up breaking her heart.
At the same time Sara and Louis become best friends.
**One Direction's real girlfriends aren't in this but I totally respect them and support them and everything. It's just I didn't want to have to have any real people break up in this so I just left them out of this. :)**


8. The Red Haired Doll

Rose's POV

I woke up and got out of bed. I took some clothes out of my suitcase, went into the bathroom and put them on. I wore jean shorts and a purple and black thick striped shirt with lace on the back. I wore a necklace with an Infinity Directioner charm on it. I put on my Toms and went to the main room where everyone was waiting.
"Happy birthdy Rose! And good morning" Niall told me brightly.
"Morning Nialler" I replied.
"Are you ready to go?" Liam asked us all.
"Sure" Sara answered.
We all went out to the car an climbed in. We drove for a bit then parked in a driveway. I'm guessing it was Liam's.
"We're here" Liam said.
We all slid out of the car. Niall took my hand and we all walked up to the front door. Liam opened it and went in. We all followed him. Liam's mother came into the room after hearing the door.
"Hello Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis..." She paused for a minute.
"This is Sara,-" Liam said to his mother.
"Sara Morgan?" She asked.
"Yeah..." Sara answered.
"I haven't seen you since you were a baby." She went over and awkwardly hugged Sara.
Then she came over to me.
"C...c...Camilla...?" She uncertainly asked me, wonderstruck.
"Uh yeah. That's my first name but I go by Rose."
"I...didn't recognize you because of your hair. Well you both probably don't remember me. Do you?" she asked Sara and I.
"No, sorry." I replied.
"Uh no." Sara answered her.
"This is a bit awkward so we'll leave you three alone for a bit." Niall said and the boys walked out of the room.

"I have a long story to tell you two. This probably seems weird now but once you hear this it'll all make sense." She told us while motioning for Sara and I to sit on the couch. We sat down and stared at her curiously.
"Well Sara, your mother and I are...sisters. The Payne and Morgan families don't keep in contact much so you probably didn't know that." She continued to talk while Sara and I listened intently.
"And Rose Dear, your last name actually isn't Morgan. It's Payne. You're my daughter."
"What?!?" I asked dumbfounded.
"Let me explain. Well one day, one of your crazy lunatic uncles came here. It was for your fourth birthday party. Exactly fourteen years ago. He wasn't psycho at the time. You had a great birthday. Then we let him stay overnight. That was a big mistake." She cleared her throat and looked saddened. "He went somewhere that night, then when he came back he was most likely drunk. It was late at night when everyone was asleep." A tear dropped onto her cheek. She wiped it away and continued the story, "When we woke up that morning... you were gone. We all knew he took you because he left a note saying,
'You're too late. You'll never find her.' We called the police and everything. But they couldn't find you. And now here you are."
"Are we being Punk'd or something?" Sara asked.
"No I remember something. I remember that morning I had bacon with ranch dressing drizzled on it. I believe... Liam dared me to eat it. Now it's my favorite food." I told them. Slowly memories came flooding back to me. That little doll I got for my birthday with the prettiest red hair. I suddenly remembered why I dyed my hair red. It was because of the doll.
"I... I remember a lot more now." I told my mother. It was weird to think about calling her that.
"I'm going to talk to the boys. I'll be right back." Sara told us. We started talking about some more memories.

Sara's POV

I walked out of the room to the boys. They were in Liam's room.
"Hey" I told them and leaned on the doorframe.
"What's up?" Liam asked with a little concern in his eyes. I guess he could tell that I was still a bit surprised and shocked from the news.
"Does Rose seem a little familiar to you? Like from before you me us at the music store?" I asked Liam.
"Well, maybe a little. I just can't remember exactly where I've seen her or someone that looks like her." Liam answered.
"Uh well do you remember ever daring anyone to eat ranch dressing covered bacon when you were little?" I questioned him.
"That kind of rings a bell. The bacon and ranch thing reminds me a little of something." He paused for a minute and thought. "Oh yeah there was this little girl... I think I dared her to eat it. I think she said it tasted good. I remember thinking that she was crazy to think that."
"Well...for breakfast yesterday Rose...had ranch covered bacon." I told him.
"And your point is?" Liam asked.
"What I'm trying to say is Rose is that little girl you dared to eat the bacon and ranch. She's your little sister." I told him, struggling to get all the words out because it seemed so unreal that she was Liam Payne's sister.
"Is this a joke?" Liam asked me. He looked a bit dumbfounded.
"No it's not." I told all the boys the story of her getting kidnapped. Liam just stared at me taking it all in. Then he said,
"I...I remember it all now. I used to cry over her being gone. Then I guess I got so depressed about it I blocked her out of my memory."
"Wow. So I'm gonna get some food." Niall told us all.
"I'm coming too!" Zayn said and soon Harry and Louis went to the kitchen too.
"Oh and we're cousins by the way." I told Liam.
"Cool." Liam said while sort of drifting off, probably trying to take it all in.
Rose walked in and Liam immediately snapped out of his trance. He went up to her and hugged her quickly. They let go.
"I missed you" He said to Rose.
"I missed you too. I think this is still a little hard to take in though. Its really nice though to be back with you guys." Rose said to Liam. Then Rose and I walked out of the room.
"So are we still going to live at our house in America?" I asked Rose when we got to the living room where no one else was currently there.
"Well I kind of want to move to England. That would be cool. But I've always wanted to live in Ireland too ever since I was little. But I also love Australia and America. So I don't know. It would also be cool to live in France. Well I honestly have no idea. Lets just see where life takes each of us." Rose replied.
"Agreed." I said.
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