We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

This takes place in California in the US during one of One Direction's tours. Rose and her best friend/cousin Sara are both 17 years old. They love to sing and Rose plays guitar. One day when they were at music lessons five boys walked in and told them how wonderful they sounded. That was how it all started...
Well it ends up that Niall and Harry both fancy Rose and Rose is struggling to figure out who she is in love with. And one of them ends up breaking her heart.
At the same time Sara and Louis become best friends.
**One Direction's real girlfriends aren't in this but I totally respect them and support them and everything. It's just I didn't want to have to have any real people break up in this so I just left them out of this. :)**



~This is NOT a chapter sorry~
Okay so I have a lot planned for this story & future events in it so I'm going to write most of them and then start on a new fanfic because I have an idea for another one. So I'll write some more chapters for this then take a break & write the other story :) Please comment what you think about this fan fiction. Thanks! :] <3
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