We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

This takes place in California in the US during one of One Direction's tours. Rose and her best friend/cousin Sara are both 17 years old. They love to sing and Rose plays guitar. One day when they were at music lessons five boys walked in and told them how wonderful they sounded. That was how it all started...
Well it ends up that Niall and Harry both fancy Rose and Rose is struggling to figure out who she is in love with. And one of them ends up breaking her heart.
At the same time Sara and Louis become best friends.
**One Direction's real girlfriends aren't in this but I totally respect them and support them and everything. It's just I didn't want to have to have any real people break up in this so I just left them out of this. :)**


1. Music Lessons

Rose's POV

"Sara get up" I whispered to my cousin while shaking her awake. 
"Whaaaat?" She sleepily replied.
"We have to get to our music lesson" I answered her.
"But Rose, I want to sleep" Sara told me.
"We have ten minutes to get ready. I suggest you get up now." I said.
"Ugh fine." Sara replied.
We started getting ready for the day. Sara jumped in the shower while I ate breakfast. I had already been awake for a while so I already took a shower and I was already dressed. I was wearing jean shorts and a Cookie Monster t-shirt with black Converse shoes. I'm not really into the latest fashions and all. I just like wearing whatever I feel like and usually it's jeans and a t-shirt. I only put on lipgloss because I'm not really into makeup. Then I had my red hair in a ponytail.
Sara came down wearing a flowery sundress and ballet flats with a lot of makeup on. Her long blonde hair was left down.
"You sure look fancy today" I told her. Sara and I are opposites when it comes to fashion. But we mostly think alike in other things.
"Why thank you. I just had this feeling to wear this today. And my Fashion Feeling is always correct" Sara replied. She was so crazy and fun.
"Oh Sara... well we should probably get going." I said.
"Wait I haven't had breakfast yet!" Sara told me.
"Well hurry up then. I'll be waiting in the car" I answered. 
"Okay" Sara said and ran into the kitchen.
I grabbed my small brown corduroy messenger bag and my guitar that was waiting bear the front door and ran to the car. I put my guitar in the back seat and grabbed my keys out of my bag. Then I jumped in my car while Sara hurried out of our shared house her parents bought for us since we were such close cousins and we felt it was time for us to make our own lives away from home. So now here we were in California in the U.S.
"I'm coming!" Sara yelled to me from the front door. She hurried out to the car and jumped in on the passengers side.
I started the car and started driving. Then I asked her "Did you remember the sheet music?" 
"Yeah thank goodness I didn't forget this time." Sara replied. She was careless sometimes.
"We're here" I said a few minutes later.  We both got out of the car and I grabbed my guitar from the back seat. We walked into the music store where we took music lessons. I played guitar and sang and Sara also sang.
"Hey Rose! Hi Sara!" Our music instructor greeted us. 
"Hello Vanessa!" We both replied in unison.
"Ready?" Vanessa asked us.
"Yeah let's start practicing" Sara answered.
I sat down in a chair and got my white acoustic guitar out of its case. Then I checked if it was in tune. It was.
"Let's start" I said. 
"Okay we'll start with Payphone" Vanessa told us.
"Okay"Sara answered.
Then we started singing while I played the guitar. 
We finished the song and  Vanessa smiled and said "Great job girls. Just make sure to hit the right notes at the end like we talked about. And great guitar playing Rose."
"Thanks" I said while smiling. 
"Okay let's start again." Vanessa told us.
We started again. Right near the ending the door opened and someone walked in. I didn't look to see who it was because I wanted to focus on getting the chords and notes right. We finished the song. Then I heard someone say in a British accent, "That was amazing." I looked up blushing to see who was standing near the door. Right as soon as I saw who it was I gasped.
"Thanks" I barely managed to say. I looked over at Sara who was just staring.
"Y-y-y-you're One Direction" I stuttered. 
"Yes. And you are?" Harry asked.
"I'm Rose and this is Sara." I motioned to her. 
"Nice to meet you" Liam said.
"Nice to meet you too." I told them.
"So can I help you with anything?" Vanessa asked them.
"Oh well we just came in because we heard the most beautiful voices singing and the most amazing guitar playing coming from inside the shop." Niall answered.
I blushed and said a soft "Thanks."
"Well we can talk to you guys after our music lesson if that's okay" Sara finally told them.
"Actually I think you girls have practiced enough for now so you can leave if you want." Vanessa responded.
"Wait, but I want to play my guitar more" I sort of play-whined.
"Rose, you and Sara can come to the beach with us and practice there with me because we were heading to the beach." Niall told me.
"That would be great. Is that fine with you Sara?" I asked her.
"Sure" She said while looking really happy and she was obviously fangirling on the inside. I can mask the fangirling really well but Sara can't at all.
"Okay. Let's head out." Louis said.
"Bye Vanessaa. Thanks!" I told her as I gathered up my things I had brought with me including my bag and guitar.
Then we all walked out the door together to go to the beach.
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