We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

This takes place in California in the US during one of One Direction's tours. Rose and her best friend/cousin Sara are both 17 years old. They love to sing and Rose plays guitar. One day when they were at music lessons five boys walked in and told them how wonderful they sounded. That was how it all started...
Well it ends up that Niall and Harry both fancy Rose and Rose is struggling to figure out who she is in love with. And one of them ends up breaking her heart.
At the same time Sara and Louis become best friends.
**One Direction's real girlfriends aren't in this but I totally respect them and support them and everything. It's just I didn't want to have to have any real people break up in this so I just left them out of this. :)**


3. Movie Night Sparks Fly

Rose's POV

I heard voices around me. I guess I had fallen asleep at the beach. I suddenly felt a strong pair of arms around me and I was being carried. I slowly opened my eyes and looked up. It was Niall. I closed my eyes and snuggled up to his chest. Then, somehow, I fell asleep again.

I woke up in Niall's arms. Umm what? Well I liked it so I didn't want to get up. He was so cuddly like a teddy bear. But I was hungry so I slowly got up. I looked around and saw I was in my room. I grabbed some clothes. I ran into the bathroom and changed into my white shirt with some colors on it and a yellow jacket. Then I threw on some jean shorts, a yellow belt, and yellow Toms. I also put in some flowery earrings. I was feeling like changing my style a little.
Then I walked downstairs for breakfast. Sara was already downstairs making food. I smelled bacon and pancakes cooking. I LOVE pancakes. I could eat like a million of them in one sitting. I also love bacon and can eat A LOT of that too.
"So...why is Niall here?" I asked Sara.
"Well, one of the reasons is you told him 'don't leave' while you were half asleep, and he was kind of tired so I offered for him to stay here for the night." She answered me.
"Uhuh...." There was an awkward silence so I took some bacon and a lot of pancakes. I went and sat at the table without getting any syrup or toppings. I like my pancakes plain for some reason. I ate a plain pancake then Niall walled downstairs.
"Morning!" I said brightly.
"Good morning beautiful." He replied back. I blushed.
"Wait, how do you eat pancakes without syrup?!?" Niall asked me.
"Well I take a regular plain pancake, and put it in my mouth, chew, then swallow. You should try it sometime." I replied.
Niall and Sara started laughing.
"Why are you laughing? You asked me how." I said to them. 
Then we all laughed. 
"Want some food?" Sara asked Niall.
"YES!!!!!" He shouted. He and Sara got some food and they sat down at the table next to me. We finished eating and I asked Niall,
"Are you and the boys doing anything today?"
"Nope" He answered.
"Well would you and them like to watch some movies today and have a movie marathon?" I questioned him.
"Sure. Lemme check with the others." Niall said while smiling.
"Okay I'll be right back" I told him and Sara. I walked upstairs to my room and grabbed my phone. I unlocked it and the first app that was opened up was contacts. I looked at it to see what was different. I scrolled down the list of people. Ahhhh! Now I have Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson's numbers! Okay I have to stop the fangirling. But Niall Horan is in my kitchen! Ugh the fangirling is taking over.
I opened the twitter app on my iPhone and saw I had a new follower which was Niall. I went to my bio and changed 0/5 :/ to 1/5 =D. Then I had a mention from Niall:
'@Camilla_Rose_ Nice last name ;)'
I quickly checked my last name. Ugh it was Stypayhorlikson.
I tweeted back
'@NiallOfficial ;) What? You don't like it??'
I laughed then locked my phone. I went downstairs to see if Niall had asked the others.
"Yeah they can come over." Niall said when I asked him if they could come. 
"Okay so what movies would you like to watch?" I asked.
"I'm not sure." Niall replied.
"Okay then we'll wait for the boys to come and we can all pick out the movies." I said,
"I'll go make some popcorn." Sara said happily.
"Okay" Niall replied.
The doorbell rang. I went over to get it. I opened the door.
"Hi" I said.
"Hello" The four boys at the door replied. "You're Rose, right?" Liam asked.
"Noooo" I sarcastically answered him. "Come in" I told them.
They walked inside and I saw Niall eating a bag of popcorn on the couch.
"You have to save that for the movie Nialler" I told him.
"Awwww" Niall said as I walked over and took the food.
I rolled my eyes and asked, "So what movies do you wanna watch?"
"Toy Story!" Liam shouted.
"Harry Potter!" Sara suggested.
There was a silence after that.
"Okay then since we have a lot of time to watch movies we'll watch one Toy Story movie and a few of the Harry Potters okay?" I asked.
"Fine" Everyone replied.
"Okay you all head to the movie room and Sara and I will get the movies and popcorn." I told the boys.
"And it's the room that has a sign on the door saying 'Movie Room' " Sara said.
"Okay" They answered and headed to the room. Sara's family was very wealthy so we have a big house.
I ran upstairs to grab the movies while Sara hurried with the popcorn. I grabbed Toy Story, the first Harry Potter, and the Seventh Part 1 and 2 Harry Potter movies. I ran downstairs and to the Movie Room. I went in and put Toy Story in, turned off the lights so we could see the movie better, then I went and sat next to Niall in the very back because the other two couches in the front were taken. I also liked the back better for some reason.
When the movie finished I got up and put the first Harry Potter in. We watched it and I was absorbed in the wizardry and witchcraft. I LOVE Quidditch by the way. It's a sport in Harry Potter where they fly around on brooms and stuff and Chasers try to score goals with a quaffle ball while Keepers defend the goals. Beaters keep bludgers away from their teammates and the Seekers try to catch a tiny golden winged ball to end the game and get their team more points. If Quidditch was a real sport I would play it. 
(**Authors note** This part may be a spoiler for the HP book 7 and movie 7 part 1)
That movie finished and put in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. The seventh movies scared me but I still loved them.
It came to the part where Ginny was about to give Harry a kiss for his birthday. And it was a little awkward so I turned to get my phone to do something else, when Niall brought my chin up to his face with his hand. Then he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back. It was the best feeling ever. But then we had to end it. Sadly. So we both pulled away. I blushed like crazy. I'm glad it was dark so no one saw me blush. I laid my head on Niall's shoulder. I bet he was blushing too. Ha.
You know I think that we were meant to be together. I had felt a lot of sparks in that kiss. But why did Niall James Horan just kiss me?? I don't know.
Well, I thought about the kiss for the rest of the movie then got up to change it.
"No Rose I'll do it" Niall told me while pulling me back onto the couch. He was so sweet. I grabbed a blanket from behind the couch. Niall came back and sat down. I laid on his lap with the blanket covering me and snuggled up to Niall's chest.
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