A New Hope

Kaylee is no ordinary girl, she dressed different, dyes her hair, and listens to different music. Her best friend, Hannah, and her go to a One Direction concert. Kaylee being the dork she is, walks backwords. She happens to run into someone who might just be her soul mate. Read to find out.


2. The flat

Kaylee's P.O.V:
Niall walked in "OH! Good, you're here" he said smiling. "why wouldn't we be?" said Hannah while she was standing by Louis. Niall dragged me aside "I'm sorry but I can't help it. I'm so attracted to you, I think you're my princess" he looked down "yes" I said 
"yes, I'll be your princess" I smiled. He looked down blushing. When he looked back up he leaned in, I closed my eyes and felt his warm lips on mine. "Niall, we have to go" Louis said. With that Niall walked on stage. Louis and Niall looked at each other, I could tell they were up to something "even though we just met these girls" Louis said while they were dragging us onstage "we love them" Niall concluded. They kissed us and starting singing, the whole time they wouldn't let us off stage. At the end of the concert we went to dinner with them. Niall asked me to come home with him. As I started walking to his car Hannah ran over "Louis wants to be my boyfriend!" I hugged her and said "go get him, I know you've been waiting for this" with that she ran back to Louis. I giggled at how happy she was. I got in Niall's car "are you ready?" he asked. Confused I said "ready for what?" "oh, you'll see" he replied. We got to his flat the moment the door was locked he dragged me to the bed, it started like that just sitting on the bed, then we layed back and was kissing. The next thing I know it was my shirt, my pants. I slowly slipped his shirt off, I grabbed the zipper to his pants. "Niall-" I stopped "what?" he stopped kissing my neck. "it's the first day I've met you" I said looking away "so? I know you're the one, you're my princess" I couldnt help but smile. He continued kissing my neck and I let him. I grabbed his zipper again and this time actually got it. Afterwards I looked at the clock, it read 1:34, "Woah, it's late..." I said. I put my head on Niall's bare chest and fell asleep a few minutes later. "Kaylee... Kaylee..." I heard my name, my eyes fluttered "yeah?" "wake up, I'm gonna make you breakfast" with the sound of having breakfast I sat straight up. Niall laughed "wow, you want breakfast that bad?" he got out of bed and so did I. He kissed me, his hands moving up my back, I felt his hand on my bra, I pulled away "hey, not now, I want that breakfast" I laughed, "fine..." he said relectantly and threw me one of his shirts. I walked out in his oversized shirt and my underwear. "well, helloo hottie" Zayn said. I forgot he was here and jumped. I suddenly felt so insecure and ran to the room and slipped into sweat pants. I walked back out, I could smell the bacon. "what? You're just going to put pants on 'cause I called you a hottie?" Zayn said. "hey, it's not everyday I walk out half naked around my boyfriend's friends" I laughed. By then the breakfast was done. "tell me more about yourself" Niall said. I told him how Hannah's parents died in a crash about a year back, and that she's been living with me, I told him how we've been friends since 6th grade. I told him how my parents are divorced. I told him how I have a little sister. I told him everything I could think of. When we finished eating I grabbed Niall's arm and dragged him into the room, I locked the door. I walked over and said "I've got a surprise, close your eyes" he closed his eyes. I took my shirt off and kissed him. I grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled it off. He started to slip my pants off. "I love you" I whispered. "I love you, too, my princess" he whispered back. I blushed at the thought of being Niall Horan's princess. At around noon I got a call from Hannah, 
"I need to talk to you.." she was silent for a moment "Louis posted that pic of us on twitter... Check your account" I was silent as I logged on, I scrolled through every single one... All hate. "they know we're their girlfriends, and all we get is hate" she started crying. I hung up, grabbed my jacket, "where are you going?" I heard Niall "I need to see Hannah" I replied. I left the house and got a text from Niall 5 minutes later, I realized I never logged off, the message read "I'm sorry, I really am, you're my princess, I don't want you getting all this hate... I can't deal with it." I pulled the car over. After a few minutes I got back on the road. I walked up to the door, I didn't knock I just walked in. "Hannah?" I called. She walked out of her room crying. I hugged her, "hey, don't worry they're just grape jelly of our sexy beasts" I made her laugh a lot, but hey, isnt that what best friends are for? After she was calm I took her back to Niall's while Lou was at work. When we were in the car I turned on the radio and it was WMYB, we laughed and sang along. When we got to my house Niall was on the floor crying. Zayn was next to him, trying to comfort him. I ran over to him, "Niall, baby, are you okay?" he looked up and said "the hate, it hurts, I don't want you to deal with it" I just looked at him. "baby, I can deal with it, I dont care what they say about me, I can respond with beluga whales" that made him laugh. "there's that laugh I love" I said smiling. 
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