A New Hope

Kaylee is no ordinary girl, she dressed different, dyes her hair, and listens to different music. Her best friend, Hannah, and her go to a One Direction concert. Kaylee being the dork she is, walks backwords. She happens to run into someone who might just be her soul mate. Read to find out.


1. The Concert

*beeeeeep beeeeeep*
I rolled over to turn my alarm clock off. I stopped "OMG HANNAH WAKE UP!" I yell at my BFF, Hannah. "whyyyy?" she replies half awake. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS? ITS ONE DIRECTION DAY!!!!!" she suddenly shot up and got dressed. "aha! I knew that would work" I laughed and got dressed too. We left our apartment we have been renting. On our way we stopped and got food. "what if they see us when we're there? What if Louis sees me? What of he thinks I'm pretty? What if they fall in love with us?" she blurted so many questions at once. "Hannah, just chill, 'kay?" "fine..." and we continued heading to the concert. We finally got there "OH. MY. GAWD." Hannah said in excitement. Me being myself started walking backwards not thinking about people being there. Hannah eyes widened "uhh.... KAYLEE!" "wha-" I ran into someone, I turned around. Niall Horan looked up from his phone "oh, I'm sorry, love, maybe I should pay attention" he apoligized. "no, no, it was my fault" I answered. Niall just stared at me. 

Hannah's P.O.V;
I could tell Niall was attracted to her. 
It didn't surprise me. She was gorgeous. She was just what Niall was looking for. She had medium length brown hair with some of blonde places that she had dyed a while back, and brown eyes. She had a personality I was jealous of, but all of her friends loved her to death, but she just couldn't see what everyone else saw. I moved forward and whispered "I think you're going home with him tonight" She couldn't help but laugh. "What's your name?" Niall said. "I'm Kaylee" She replied "and I'm Hannah" I said. He handed us backstage passes and said "hey, I'm going to go get some food. Why don't you two go backstage and I'll meet you there" Kaylee and I walked backstage, there the rest of one direction was waiting for us. "well, hello, who are you?" Louis asked me. I looked down blushing, "I'm Hannah and this is my friend Kaylee" I said nervously.
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