Who's That Girl

What happens when the lead singers voice is gone and he needs to find a replacement quickly, luckily he overhears a voice in the shower what will happen when she's alone with the other band mates.


3. Will You Go Out With Me

Fan fic chapter 3
Will you go out with me

Harry's POV:
After what Louis said to me I knew that its about time I ask her out! I get to the mall and run upstairs to get to jack wills and I saw that it was closing and the girl that works there was heading the other way to the car, CRAP!! I screamed, what do I do now, the other guy who works there was still here locking up and knew how strong my love was for her and said "dude the only thing you can do is, run after her and catch her, then ask her out :)" well then, I better get moving if I wanna catch her. I run faster then I've ever ran in my life, I finally catch her, right before she gets in her car I start singing what makes you beautiful "your insecure don't know what for your turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or. At the end of the song I take her hand and ask her, will you go out with me liz?? She automatically says yes, she tells me she was gonna ask me out but she was way too embarrassed. So I'll pick you up at 8? I say, perfect she tells me, I see her smiling as she gets into her car and that makes me smile. I was overjoyed I drove home as quickly as possible to tell the guys, I tell them and they're so excited for me, Lou picks out something for me to wear haha typical. I can't wait for tonight :).
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