Who's That Girl

What happens when the lead singers voice is gone and he needs to find a replacement quickly, luckily he overhears a voice in the shower what will happen when she's alone with the other band mates.


8. Tour Time

Fan fic chapter 8
Tour time
Liz's POV:
Today we're going on tour I'm so excited and nervous but good nervous not bad, Harry and I are at his house waiting for everyone to come, Jess came first with like 6 suitcases, she must have tons of clothes with her, then liam turns up with Danielle and she also had tons of suitcases with her. Louis comes after with eleanor, she is so gorgeous I wish I looked like her, and her clothes I can't even describe, I want her to take me shopping on tour. Finally niall comes, all by himself, I feel bad for him we need to find him a girlfriend quick he is the only member of the band without a girlfriend, maybe he'll find one on tour. Then the tour bus comes. It's so big and amazingly spacious, I've seen it before but never so up close and never ever would I have thought that I would actually be going in it and being a part of one direction!!! We get onto the bus and start driving, Harry takes me on a tour, there is everything on this bus, separate rooms, kitchen, tv, shower, bathroom and the beds look half decent. I go to the room that me and Harry will be staying in and unpack my stuff (there are even big cupboards). Then I go to the kitchen to make everyone lunch as a "thanks for choosing me to be a replacement," I decide to make tacos, when I have finished I call in everyone and we eat, everyone compliments my cooking and Louis says to Harry "singer and a cook, the full package good job Hazza" everyone laughs. After lunch me and Harry go to our room and watch a movie and before I know it Harry is asleep, I guess he didn't like the movie as much as me. In the middle of the movie Jess comes in and we talk about the tour then I ask her if there is something going on between her and Niall because I always see them winking at each other, she says it's nothing but I know there is something going on. Finally Harry wakes up and apologises for falling a sleep, "no worries, it was a chic flick anyway" I tell him. I get out of bed and go to check my twitter, I scream to Harry and he comes running over "what's wrong babe" he says while looking at my laptop, then he sees all the hate "ohhh" Harry this stuff is horrible I tell him then I point at a specific tweet @Sarah1dlover-@lizlovesharry u know u can't just replace Harry he's part of the band and ur not so get lost bitch- I start to cry and Harry says "don't worry everything will be ok" I see him type something on his phone and a tweet comes up @Harry_Styles -if u don't like my girlfriend @lizlovesharry then u are not a directioner u should give her a chance so for all u haters get lost- I turn to harry and he smiles you didn't have to do that I tell him "yes I did I had to get the message out to them some how" he replies, but you didn't it's only the beginning, I whisper back hoping he wouldn't hear me.
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