Who's That Girl

What happens when the lead singers voice is gone and he needs to find a replacement quickly, luckily he overhears a voice in the shower what will happen when she's alone with the other band mates.


5. The Date

Fan fic Chapter 5
The date

Harry's POV:
Its 8:00 and I'm pulling up into Liz's driveway, I bought her roses, I hope she likes them. I am so nervous this is the only girl that I really want to spend the rest of my life with. I ring the doorbell and liz opens the door she looks unbelievable the dress, the shoes, even the night bag matches perfectly. She gets into my car and she asks "where are we going" ahh now that is a secret, after about 15 minutes we arrive at the Langham. I escort liz out of the car and into the Langham her face when we walked in was amazing and priceless we sit down and a waiter took our order and we get a steak to share, while we wait for our food we talk, she asks me how one direction is going and I tell her about my voice and how I need a replacement then she blushes, I wonder why. Then I ask her about her life, she tells me she's an only child and her father passed away when she was younger. Then our food comes and to my surprise she eats just like Niall, she looks like the type that loves her food. After we finish our food, I take her home, before she gets out of the car she kisses my cheek and says goodbye I was smiling and blushing the whole drive home . I get home and all the Boys shatter me with questions, I tell them it went great and that I'm asking her out on another date, then I go to my room and text liz, I text her and ask her If she wants to come to my place tomorrow night and watch a movie, I wait for her reply and she says yes within seconds. Woohoo this means she likes me, I can't wait.
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