Who's That Girl

What happens when the lead singers voice is gone and he needs to find a replacement quickly, luckily he overhears a voice in the shower what will happen when she's alone with the other band mates.


7. Shes Moving In

Fan fic chapter 7
she's moving in

Harry's POV:
it's been 2 Weeks since me and liz started dating and I guess you can say shes my girlfriend. She's moving in tonight and I'm very excited, she cant wait so I decided I'm gonna surprise her and come help her pack up her stuff and bring some of her clothes back to my house already. I get into my car and drive off to her place, I turn on the radio and wmyb comes on I finally arrive at her house and her best friend Jess opens the door, they must be really close cause she's like always there. I say hello to Jess and she says hello back. I ask her where liz is, she tells me she's in her room packing. Ok great I'll go help, I walk into her room and shes so happy to see me we kiss passionately for at least a minute, to bad her bed is already gone :) I help her pack and after a while all her stuff is packed and ready but now she has to go to concert practice, the tour is in 3 weeks. I take her to the studio for tour practice and I sit and watch, her voice is perfect and she looks so beautiful when she sings. I can't wait till tour, hopefully all the fans will love her as much as I do. On the way home I explain to her how tour is gonna work and where we're going how we do signings in each place. I tell her that I'm going to be backstage when the boys and her sing and I will come on stage for tweets, she asks me who she can take on tour with us, I tell her she can bring one person, I suggest not to bring family coz they can get on all of our nerves all the other boys bring their girlfriends, maybe you should bring Jess, I say. I've grown a soft spot for Jess since I see her all the time and the boys like her too. We go back to her house and stuff it in to my car and we take it back to my place. We walk through the door and guess what! Management is here, great. They ask liz a lot of questions, like how committed she is and if she's just doing this for publicity and tells her she can't quit under any circumstances even if she gets load of hate, she agrees and then signs a lot of papers. Then they ask her to sing, at the end I see them smiling, wow that's not something you see everyday. Then they get up and say "this is going to change one direction either in a good way or a bad way. Finally they leave and Liz gets very worried about what they said I tell her not to worry because it's gonna change one direction in a great way and that management was smiling so they like her a lot.
*A/N* We would like to thank everyone who has read our story we were blown away by all the reads we had gotten we would also like to say a special thank you to Harrystylesluver for our first like it means a lot to us. Just a reminder that if you would like to chat with us you can kik us, our usernames are louistlover1 and HoranLova99.
xx- Liza and Carly
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