Who's That Girl

What happens when the lead singers voice is gone and he needs to find a replacement quickly, luckily he overhears a voice in the shower what will happen when she's alone with the other band mates.


2. Just Ask Her Out Already

Fan fic chapter 2 
Just ask her out already

Harry's POV:
All the boys say we should postpone the tour but I say there's no way we are cancelling our tour, There are fans out there that Have been waiting for a whole year already and for us to make them wait longer!!!!! "Well we have no choice " Liam says 
Yes we do, i tell them. "what" they all say in unison, they all go quiet and stare at me, I'll find a Replacement….
they all start screaming things at me that I don't even bother listening, but one thing I hear Is "management isn't gonna like that Idea!" I shut everyone up and scream I DON'T CARE WHAT STUPID MANAGEMENT THINKS, IM GETTING A REPLACEMENT. They all get up and leave but Louis stays a minute and says "looks like you need someone to cheer you up, maybe you should go ask that jack wills girl out" then he leaves. Then I smiled :)
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