Who's That Girl

What happens when the lead singers voice is gone and he needs to find a replacement quickly, luckily he overhears a voice in the shower what will happen when she's alone with the other band mates.


4. Is This The Night I've Been Waiting For

Fan fic chapter 4
Is this the night I've been waiting for

Liz's POV: OMG I can't believe Harry styles actually asked me out!!! But I better get ready it's already 5:30 and I have so much to do, I call up my best friend Jess so she can do my hair and make up, 2 minutes later I hear a knock on the door, thank god she's here, she comes up to my room, opens my cupboard and says "I'll pick out something for you to wear just go on your computer. I slam my cupboard doors and say "NO I've already got that covered, I went shopping a while ago and saw this amazing dress its red with sequins all over, when I saw it I knew I needed it, I didnt know for what but I knew it had to be mine so I bought it". I promised myself it was only for the most important night of my life and I realised this was the night I had to wear this dress. I took it out of its hiding place and put it on it looks incredible I put on the heels I bought with the dress, they are black platform heels, they are higher than any heels I have ever worn they are the best heels ever!! Jess does my hair in a gorgeous up-do and does my makeup perfectly, I can always count on her to make me look like a princess. I find a perfect night bag to put my lipstick and phone and everything I could possibly need. It's 7:45 omg I can't believe this is happening, I wait upstairs for him to come pick me up and I hope this is the night I have been waiting for .
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