A Dream Come True ❤

Out of ALL girls, Harry Styles picks me? The coffee shop girl? I don't understand, but whatever it is I like it....

Harry Styles takes a break from London and comes down to visit his Aunt Sue in the United States. While getting a drink at a coffee shop in Philadelphia, he meets a girl and they soon fall head over heels for eachother, but has Harry been keeping a secret all along?
Read to find out! And PLEASE no hate!
Thanks I hope you guys like it! :)


43. Possibly, The Best Surprise.

After yesturday, I'm never going into Philadelphia alone. Like, ever.

So, I haven't heard from Harry since yesturday and I'm really curious about what that boys doing.
I get a shower and get dressed in a pretty yellow dress that fits perfectly. I run downstairs to see my brother, and a girl. "Hi.." I say awkwardly. "Oh, uhmm..this is Katie..." Eddie says to me. "And Katie, this is my sister Emily."

"Hi, it's nice to meet you Emily." Katie says. "Same to you." I give her a smile and jump onto the couch. I haven't seen Eddie with a girl in a long time. Them together, reminds me of me and Harry. I miss him soo much. To much to handle. I should call him..

I get out my phone and it vibrates right when I touch it.

From- Harry <3: Look outside.. :)

What the hell? I walk to the door and slowly open it..

It reveals a curly haired boy standing at my doorstep. Behind him, 4 other guys.

"HARRY!!!!!!!" I yell, and jump into his arms.
"i missed you soo much, I just had to visit." Harry tells me. I give all the boys hugs and invite them inside. My brother looking surprised. Katie is in shock and runs towards them screaming. "Sorry guys, I guess she's a fan.." I say in apology for Katie's actions. "It's fine, we love our fans." Zayn says and gives her a hug.

"I missed you guys so so sooooo much!!! How'd you guys even get in the US?" I ask the boys. "Simon said we could take a break." Liam says. And gives me a smile. "How bout we have a movie night?" I say and everyones happy with my suggestion. We pick out the movie 'Paranormal Activity' to watch and Niall makes the popcorn.

"Hey Eddie, your 18 right?" Harry asks my brother. "Yup" he says. "That's cool I am too. But the other mates are older.." they laugh a little, and tell stories. Katie and Eddie sit on one couch. Liam, Zayn, and Niall sit on another couch. And Louis, Harry, and I sit on the floor with pillows and blankets around us. Me and Harry snuggle a bit and I hear Louis wimper. "Oh shut up Louis.." I say and laugh. "But I'm lonely.." Louis says, on the other side of me with puppy dog eyes. "Oh fine..." I say and pull Louis closer to me with our arms around eachother. And Harry with his head laying on my lap.

In the corner of my eye I can see Niall glaring at us, but I love Harry. And he knows that, well atleast he should by now..

"Hey, you guys can stay here. If you'd like." I say to the boys. "thanks! That sounds great!" Louis says and squeezes me tighter. "Ok Louis!! That's enough!!" I laugh and he loosens his grip.
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