A Dream Come True ❤

Out of ALL girls, Harry Styles picks me? The coffee shop girl? I don't understand, but whatever it is I like it....

Harry Styles takes a break from London and comes down to visit his Aunt Sue in the United States. While getting a drink at a coffee shop in Philadelphia, he meets a girl and they soon fall head over heels for eachother, but has Harry been keeping a secret all along?
Read to find out! And PLEASE no hate!
Thanks I hope you guys like it! :)


42. No Stranger

Lunch time arrives, and my brother lets me use his car to drive into the city.
I buy a soda and a Philly cheese steak. The meat so juicy, just perfect. I missed the city a bunch. I walk down the long streets and bump into a man in a black blazer with a Philles hat on.

His eyes, so familiar.

His breath, recognizable.

His cologne..

His hair..everything about him. Everything comes back to me so fast.

My father..

He grabs my wrist and looks me deep into the eyes, and then brings me into a hug.
"EMILY!! IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU, FOR SOO LONG!!" he says with tears in his eyes. I struggle to loosen his grip and push him off me. "Get away.." I say getting myself together.

"Excuse me?" with evil in his eyes..

"You heard me.." I say and turn around. At first i was just walking, but then I heard his footsteps behind me. I began to run....sprint. Knocking people over.

I grab my phone in my pocket and dial my brothers number.

"Eddie, dads chasing me! Please help! Please.." I Hung up quickly when I bumped into another person.
"WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING!" the lady yells.
"Sorry.." I mumble and continue to run. I run into a pub. People sitting by the bar. And I run into the bathroom, lock the door. My phone vibrates and it's my brother.
"Hello?" I answer. "Hey Em, it's me. Where in the city are you?" he asks this his breath fast.
"32 street." "ok, il be there as soon as possible."
Since I took Eddies car, that means he's taking a taxi. It's gonna be a while.

I take my phone out again and get a text from Harry.

From-Harry <3: hey sweet stuff ;)

To- Harry <3: I ran into my dad in the city.. This isn't good.

From- Harry <3: OMG are you okay?!?! Should I come?!?

To- Harry <3: for now, im fine. My brothers on his way. But u can't jump visit any time, can u?

From- Harry <3: I can do whatever I want.. But I gtg, I luv u<333

To- Harry <3: bye haz, love you too ~<3

I put my phone away and someone knocks on the door.
"Emily, it's me." eddies says from behind the door. Thank god it's him..

I open it and give him a hug. Tears form in my eyes and I blink to make them go set. I fail. Water pours out from my eyes, and Eddie wipes them away with his thumbs.
"He found me....you said he wouldnt.." I say into his chest. "I said I thought he wouldn't, I expected him not to. He gave up on you a month ago." he says pulling my chin, so I look into his eyes. "that's make me feel a whole lot better.." I say sarcastically. We both laugh and he puts arm around my shoulders. I guess my dad left, because I don't see him anywhere. Eddie pulls up into his truck, and we both head home.

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