A Dream Come True ❤

Out of ALL girls, Harry Styles picks me? The coffee shop girl? I don't understand, but whatever it is I like it....

Harry Styles takes a break from London and comes down to visit his Aunt Sue in the United States. While getting a drink at a coffee shop in Philadelphia, he meets a girl and they soon fall head over heels for eachother, but has Harry been keeping a secret all along?
Read to find out! And PLEASE no hate!
Thanks I hope you guys like it! :)


44. In his arms once again


My eyes flutter open to the bright morning daylight. I guess me and the boys fell asleep in the living room. I look around to see the boys scattered on the couches, to the floor. Me, laying on the ground, my head on Louis's lap and Harry next to me with his head in Louis's legs. Our arms around eachother. I look up at Harry, "Goodmorning beautiful. It's about time." he says and gives me a sassy, but cute smile. "Goodmorning to you as well, handsome." I say with a giggle. We get up to eat some breakfast. With the boys following us near behind.

"I love you." Harry whispers into my ear as we begin to eat pancakes at the table. "I love you more." I say back. "That's impossible." he gives me a smile and I look over to Niall. Glaring at us. Yet again. "Niall, will you stop!" I yell. Not knowing i actually said that. I thought I was just thinking it. A frown came across his face. "What did I do?" Niall asks me. "Sorry, just..you keep glaring at me and Harry. All the time. It's getting old Niall. I thought you were mature enough to handle this." I say proudly. "It's true, I have seen the way Niall looks at you guys. Torn. Depressed." Liam says, shoving pancakes into his mouth. "Niall, can we have a talk mate?" Harry says getting up from the table and taking nialls shoulder. Niall agrees to and follows Harry out the door.

"Whats wrong mate?" I ask Niall. "You know." he says. "I really don't know, Niall. Tell me"

"Fine, I'm in love with Emily. There I said it." he comes clean.

I'm blown away. Well, Emily is beautiful. I don't blame him, but my bestfriend? Really? I can't even believe Niall but fall for Emily, knowing I love her. And that she's mine.

"That's to bad Niall. You know I love her. You know that we're happy together. Why can't you just except that" I say to him.

"I hate seeing you guys together. It hurts. It really does. I can't help but constantly think about her." Niall says with no expression. I walk towards him. "This conversation is over Niall." I say and walk inside leaving Niall. He follows into the warm house a few minutes later.
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