A Dream Come True ❤

Out of ALL girls, Harry Styles picks me? The coffee shop girl? I don't understand, but whatever it is I like it....

Harry Styles takes a break from London and comes down to visit his Aunt Sue in the United States. While getting a drink at a coffee shop in Philadelphia, he meets a girl and they soon fall head over heels for eachother, but has Harry been keeping a secret all along?
Read to find out! And PLEASE no hate!
Thanks I hope you guys like it! :)


2. An Interesting Cumstomer

About an hour later, I sit back in my chair with my earphones in my ears. I forgot to pick up some sugar like my dad asked earlier, but I'm hoping he forgot.

A teenage boy walks in the shop with a body guard behind. The body guard is about 6 foot and he's flipping the 'OPEN' sign outside the door to 'CLOSED'.
This guy must be really famous for him to do that. He walks up to the counter with his dark blue hood up, trying to keep his identity safe.

"May I have one medium sized latte, please" the boy says with an adorable british accent and a grin on his face. I get lost in his green eyes ad choke up on my words
"Uhm, Yes! Of course! Is that all?" I say while twirling a piece of my light brown hair with my finger.
"Yep, that's all" he says while taking down his hood and letting his brown curls go free, giving me a big smile.
"YOUR HARRY STYLES!!!!" I yell, not that loud but loud enough for my dad to hear in the back of the shop. He lets out a cute laugh.
"Yes, haha yes I am, you must be a fan?"
"yes, a big one too! But I promise I won't fangirl on you, haha" I say staring at his cute curly hair.
"Why, thank you Love. It's nice to talk to a girl and not have them screaming in my face the whole time!" we both laugh. "What's your name?" he asks me, grinning his mouth.
"I'm Emily, it's nice to meet you Harry. Oh and I'm 18 if you were wondering. Haha"
We both let out a laugh. "Thats nice, and it's nice to meet you to Emily." Harry says
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