A Dream Come True ❤

Out of ALL girls, Harry Styles picks me? The coffee shop girl? I don't understand, but whatever it is I like it....

Harry Styles takes a break from London and comes down to visit his Aunt Sue in the United States. While getting a drink at a coffee shop in Philadelphia, he meets a girl and they soon fall head over heels for eachother, but has Harry been keeping a secret all along?
Read to find out! And PLEASE no hate!
Thanks I hope you guys like it! :)


3. A Great Day Begins

"Would you like to sit down at a table with me, Emily..?" Harry asks me, with his eyes staring into mine. It's like a fairy tale.
"Of course!" I say coming out from being the counter. He picks out a small table in the corner with no windows so no fans can see us from outside. "Soo, what are you doing here in Philadelphia? I ask him.
"I'm visiting my Aunt Sue here for a month or so, just to get a break from my job and London and all that.." he takes a sip of his latte. I'm sort of proud of myself, that I made one of my best lattes for the one, Harry Styles.
"That's nice.."
"Yes, and Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, I'm glad I'm staying here for a while." he says.
"I'm glad you are too!" I say. We both laugh a little and we both tell eachother about ourselves.
He glances at his watch on his wrist, and shares a surprised look with his body guard, Rob.
"Oh gosh! It's almost Noon!" he says.
"I'm guessing you have to go?" I say looking a bit confused.
"Yeah but I have a few minutes to spare, would you like to go outside for a bit?"
"Sure! I'd like that! But isn't it a bit cold out?"
"Yes, but don't worry il keep you warm." He winks at me and smile. I grab my coffee and head outside. I hope no one notices Harry, because I don't want him to be surrounded by papparazzi.
We step outside into a brick alley nearby.
I take a sip of my fresh hot coffee.
"Ouch!! Ah I burned my lip!" I say quite loud.
"Oh jeez, are you okay Love?!?" He says. He sounded so protective, and I liked that.
"I'm okay, it's just a little blistered now.." he comes a bit closer to me.
"Does this make it better?" He leans in and he sweetly kisses me on the lips. And it actually did make my lip feel better. I lean back out of the kiss, and say
"thanks, haha, it did make it feel better.." I smile at him.
"Well that's good" he grins and winks at me. His body guard steps out of the coffee shop and whispers something in Harry's ear.
"I'm sorry but I have to go, I put my number in your phone so text me!! Bye Emily!" he says while stepping into a black van.
"Bye Harry! And I will, I promise!" we laugh and we smile at eachother as he closes the van door.
I walk back inside the warm shop. As I hear my dad yell
"Emily!! Did you get that sugar!?!?" I'm surprised he still remembered, I quickly run out the door and head down the street to buy some sugar.
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