5 boys~1 band~One direction


5. .

   Kaylee's Pov


           "Now I'm climbing the walls but you don't notice at all, that I'm going out of my mind, all day and all night" I open my eyes to my phone blaring Niall's solo in One Thing.           "Hello?" I say in a thick scratchy morning voice. "Ello" Niall says in his perfect Irish accent. "I was wondering if you wanted to take a walk with me" "Sure!!" I say hopping up and down with excitement. "I'll be there in an hour" "Okayyy!, bye!" I say hanging up.          I run down the steps to find Zayn and Violet kissing. "NIALL IS TAKING ME ON A WALK!!!!! AHHHHH!!!" I say jumping up in down and screaming at the top of my lungs. 


  Violets Pov


        " Tell me I'm a screwed up mess!! That I never listen listen!! Tell me you don't want my kiss!! That you need your distance distance!!" I woke up to Zayn solo on tell me a lie and realized someone was calling me. " Hello?" I asked with my morning voice loud and clear. " Ello beautiful" Zayn said in his amazayn british accent. " I was wondering if you'd like to go to the cinma to see a movie today.." he said shyly. " Of course I would!" I said " Great Ill be over in a about 15 minutes." he said and hung up.       I quickly got out of bed and put on some old jeans and my " I like boys with accents" t-shirt. I brushed my hair and put it into a side braid.    " VI SOME LAD NAMED ZAYN'S HERE TO SEE YOU!!!" Lilly and Leah screamed. I quickly ran down the steps and was greeted by Zayn. Leah and Lilly ran upstairs and I was left alone with Zayn.  

Niall's Pov

       I throw on a hoodie and some tan chingos. I grab my Red High tops and slip my feet into them. "Harry, I'm going on a walk with Kaylee!" I say running down the steps and out the door. I'm so excited and nervous, it's hard to keep it all in. Kaylee is so beautiful, I've never met a girl like her...Her beautiful brown straight hair, her brown eyes that sparkle when you look into them, and I can't forget about her smile....its all beautiful....shes beautiful. I snap out of day dreaming and realize I was at her flat, number 34. I knock on their door and a girl with brown curly hair answers it. "Hello" I say "Hello, you must be Niall, I'm Hailey. come in," she says opening the door more and I walk inside.   

Zayn's Pov.  

    I threw on my jack wills hoodie and some old dark blue jeans. " Lads I'm going to Vi's house!!!" I yelled and walked out of the door. Vi was an amazing girl. She was so sweet and shy. She had the cutest giggle. The way her hair falls and her eyes sparkled made her absolutely beautiful.... 

    I was snapped back into reality by me knocking on her door. I waited and two girls answered the door. " Ello " I said. " Ello, you must be Zayn." they both said. " " Uh yeah I am... " I said shyly. 

    " Well I'm Lilly" said the one with sandy blonde hair. " And I'm Leah!" the other one who had light blonde hair said. They moved out of the way if the door and I walked inside. Leah and Lilly yelled for Violet to come downstairs. I smiled at her, we both sat down on the couch because the girls had run upstairs. " I missed you" I said to Violet. She blushed and said "I missed you too,".       This next action was completely uncalled for. I pulled her close to me and passionately kissed her. She kissed back and things heated up quickly. Next thing I knew Kaylee was coming downstairs screaming about how Niall asked her out on a date. Vi quickly pulled away and jumped up and started to freakout with her. I laughed at their reactions and look at the front door and saw Niall standing there. Today was going to be interesting.

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