5 boys~1 band~One direction


2. (:

Vi's pov 


'I told Zayn about Johnny" I said to Kaylee as I drove home from the boys flat. " YOU WHAT?!?" she screamed at me, obviously pissed off at my actions. I sighed and explained to her how the memories of Johnny came back while I thought about going to the boys flat, how i started to cry and how zayn caught me and mouthed " your telling me later". Also how he lead me up to his room and locked the door. How I broke down, then was comforted and realized that I could  trust him and how he was a keeper. She just smiled and nodded.

       We soon arrived at our flat and we headed inside and both rushed upstairs to get ready. I changed into a fitted navy blue dress and black converse. I know doesnt sound classy but Im a tomboy! I dont like heels!!  I curled the ends of my hair and applied light makeup consisting of peach blush, clear mascara ( yes that does exsist!) and clear lipgloss. Did I mention Im not a fan of  makeup either?  Walking down the stairs I saw that I was the first one done. I grabbed my black clutch, stuffies, my iphone, and clear lipgloss in it and waited for the boys to come and pick us up. 

       " KNOCK!! KNOCK KNOCK!!!!" someone was knocking on our door. I quickly got up and answered it smiling at Niall and Zayn. " Hey guys!!" I said sweetly. " IM HUNGRY!!" Niall said. I stepped back so they could come in. They did and then I walked over to the staircase and yelled " KAYLEE COME ON!! NIALL AND ZAYN ARE HERE!!!". " IM coming!" she called back.  turned on my heel and walked over and plopped myself down on our white couch. I heard her running down the steps and relaxed knowing she was done.  


~Kaylee's Pov~ 


"KAYLEE! Come on! Niall and Zayn are here!!!" I hear violet call. "I'm Coming!" I called back. I was wearing a strapless Plum-purple dress with a bow on my right side by my hip. My hair was in curls that bounce everytime I walk and a pair of black flats. I added some mascara and light eye shadow then ran down the steps. "Hi Niall!" I say. As he turns around he gives me a four leave clover necklace that has emeralds for the leaves and diamonds for the stem. "Oh! My! Gosh!" i say hugging him tightly "It's beautiful! Can you help me put it on? I say lifting up my hair. "Sure!" he says buckling the chain. This night is going to be fun! 


~Niall's Pov~      


"Come on Niall! We have to pick up the girls!" Zayn called. I hurried down the stairs in a tight red shirt and tan chinos and a pair of high tops. "Lets go!" zayn said impatiently "ok, ok!" i say grabing the necklace I got for Kaylee.  "Ill knock on the door!" Violet answered the door, "Im hungry!" I say finding the kitchen in no time. "KAYLEE! Come on! Niall and zayn are here!!" My nerves begin to tense up as I hear her foot steps. "Hi Niall" I hear in a sweet voice. I turn around and-WOW! She looks absolutely flawless! I hand her the necklace. "Oh! My! Gosh!" She said her face lighting up and hugging me tightly. This is going to be a good night...  


~Zayn's Pov~  


As I stepped into Vi and Kaylees flat I as breath taken. The walls were a dark red with black wooden crowning. They had one white couch and two white love seats. Along with a 43 inch T.V. mounted on the wall. Those two must work hard.  My eyes fixed on Violet and WOW!! Just WOW! She looked stunning! I walked over to her and handed her a small box. Her eyes lit up like a kid on christmas morning and she opened it.  " oh my god..." she whispered with tears in her eyes. " Zayn! This is absolutely beautiful!!" she squealed happily admiring the diamond neckleace I had gotten her. " Will you put it on for me?" she asked. " Of course love" I said back to her while she lifted up her hair. I clasped it onto her neck and took in her perfume, i know im wid but I dont care!. It was vinilla, my favorite. I could tell tonight's gonna be a good night.   


~Vi's Pov~       


Zayn walked in after Niall and took in the look of our flat. I took this chance to check him out. He was wearing a tight balck shirt that I could see his abs through, some navy blue chinos, white nikes, and a black and grey varsity jacket. I must say, that boy lookes HOTT!! His eyes fixed on me but I pretended I didn't notice. He then walked over to me and handed me a small black box. I opened it and I was amazed and excited. Zayn had gotten me a diamond encristed heart necklace with the words "forever and always" engraved on it.

     "oh my gosh." I whispered with tears in my eyes. " Zayn! This is abolutely beautiful!!" I squealed with happiness. " Will you put it on for me?" I asked.  He replied with " Of course love!". While lifting up my hair I felt him come up behind me and then I felt the necklace chain on my neck and dropped my hair. I knew that tonight was gonna be a great night. When Kaylee and Niall came out of the kitchen we all headed to the car and drove off to the club.

   While we were in the car i turned on the radio and One Thing by One Direction cam on. I started laughing while the others sang along. I couldnt hlp but smile because I have never seen Kaylee happier. in fact, i dont think ive ever been this happy about going out on a date. It took us a while but we finaly made it to the club. Tonight's going to be very interesting.




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