5 boys~1 band~One direction


3. Dancing

Kaylees Pov.


     "Youve got that one thing" I sing looking into Nialls beautiful blue eyes. Niall smiles as he puts his arm around my waist. We walk into the club and before I could talk to Violet, I got pulled away onto the dance floor by Niall. All I manage to do is smile at Violet. Before I could know i was dancing with Niall Horran.  


Nialls pov 

      I was slow dancing with her, having my hands on her waist. "Kiss her Niall, Kiss her." my head screamed at me. Leaning in, I start to close my eyes and bump my  lips into her soft ones.    We continue to dance, as she lays her head on my shoulder and we rock back and forth. I look over at zayn and wiggle my eyes brows at him laughing. "It looks like things are going well with them" I say to my self. After the song was over she hugged me tightly and kissed my cheek. Best Night Ever!  

Vis Pov.


     Zayn snaked his arm around my waist as we walked into the club. Kaylee tried to say something but Nialler pulled her away before she could. All the poor girl could do was give me a small sympathetic smile.    " Wanna dance Vi?" Zayn asked me.    " I uh um I cant dance.." I say sheepishly.   " Nither can I but this is a slow song.." he stated.   " Sure, Id love to dance with you Zayn." I said to him.

   Then, Zayn took my hand and led me out onto the floor where the other people were slow dancing. He pulled me close to him and wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms arpund his neck. I was walking on air not expecting the next future events to happen. 



Zayns Pov      


       I was slow dancing with Violet bringing her closer to me slowly so she doesnt get freaked out. My heart was also beating a mile a minute. She looked up at me and bit her bottom lip, which to me was ETREMLEY attractive. My head and my heart were saying " KISS HER YOU DIPSHIT!! NOWS THE TIME!!", so I listened. I slowly leaned in and she quickly caught on and did the same. We were only centimeters away from eachother and our lips were rushing eachother. I closed the gap between is by carahing my lips onto her soft, pink ones with passion and lust.

        Violet didnt hesitate and she kissed me back almost immediately and ran her hands through my hair. I brought her close to me so that there was no space between us. I deepened the kiss and we stayed like that for a while kissing eachother passionately. I could tell I was falling for her. HARD, however I didnt care. She tilted her head and so did I. I gripped her waist tighter making her kiss me even more passionately.  We finally broke apart breathing heavily and smiling like idiots. She leaned her head onto my chest and we just swayed back and forth to the music.   

 I looked around amd saw Niall wiggling  his eyebrows at me. I smirked at him and Kaylee and his face turned as red as a tomato.   BEST NIGHT EVER!!!


Authors Note:


Hey people!!! Vic again!!! hoped u like this chappie!!! ill upload soon!! xx

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