5 boys~1 band~One direction


6. A trip down Memory lane

Kaylee's Pov

I look to see Niall standing in the doorway and I stop in my tracks. "H-H-Hi N-Niall.." I say blushing with embarrassment. "Hi, Kaylee" He says, His bright blue eyes sparkling. "I-I-I have to get ready..." I say walking right into the couch which makes me fall on my bum. Niall immediately runs and helps me up. "Are you okay?" Niall says looking into my eyes with worry. "I-I-I'm f -fine." I say blushing like an idiot. I look down to find Niall holding my hand and i pull away running upstairs. I fall onto my bed crying into my pillow.

Niall's Pov

"I-I-I'm F-fine..." She says with tears in her eyes and runs up the stairs. "What should i do? she seemed upset?..." I question. "Just go and see if shes okay.." Zayn says pulling Violet close to him. "Okay...wheres her room?" I say "Second door to the left, its white..." Violet says. I run up the stairs and quietly knock on Kaylee's door. "Kaylee, it's Niall! Open up.." I say trying to sound as nice as I can. She opens the door to her dressed in a Hollister Sweat shirt, some jean shorts, and Her eyes red and swollen from crying. "Awe don't cry, Princess" I say pulling her into a tight hug. "I-I-I messed up..." She says letting a tear fall. I wipe away her tear and say, "Come on...Walking takes my mind off things..." "O-O-Okay..." she says sniffing. I grab her hand and walks down the steps. "Don't mess this up, Niall..." My conscious screams. 

Violets Pov

"Okay, thank you so much." I say into the phone. I walked back into the living room and looked at Zayn. " Cinemas closed due to power-outages..." I say. " Oh, well I should head back h-" " We could watch a movie here if you want to.." I accidentally cut him off. He chuckled and pulled me down into his lap. I blushed, looked down finding the carpet very interesting and  bit my bottom lip. " C-Can I ask you something Vi?" Zayn asked nervously. I turned around to face him. " Y-yes Z-Zayn?" I asked a little nervously.  " W-Will you b-be my g-girlfriend?" he asked me." Yes." was all I said or got a chance to say because as soon as that word left my mouth Zayn pulled me close and kissed me. That's when I felt those familiar feelings come back.  The butterflies from last night showed up and I felt my cheeks heat up. We pulled away and I noticed Zayn had a beautiful sparkle in his eye. I smiled at him and said " Ready for that movie?" 

Zayn's Pov.  

After the movie ended I decided to walk home.  Vi insisted she come with me because she would be pounded with questions about me and her. I agreed and now we were walking back to my flat with the lads.  Vi tensed as she heard a glass break. She immediately shook it off, and continued walking. I felt as though we were being followed. All of a sudden I heard footsteps and Vi screamed " RUN ZAYN! " at me and I took off. I heard her scream and when I turned around I was filled with anger. There was a tall boy wearing a black hoodie and jeans blocking Violet against a wall and punching and kicking her. I saw her look up at me and she mouthed one word to me.....   

ooooohh cliffy!!!!! tell me what you guys want in the next chapter. Should Zayn save Vi or take off running?

~ Tori

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