5 boys~1 band~One direction


1. The begining

The beginning-

Violets pov

" KAYLEE GET UP!!" I yelled as i pulled her out of bed. " OW!!! YOU KNOW I HAVE FEELINGS TOO!!" she screamed at me. " WELL GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP BECAUSE YOUR GONNA BE LATE FOR THAT DAMN DANCE CLASS TODAY!!" I yelled as I walked out of her room and into mine. When I entered my room I quickly got changed into my waitress uniform and put my hair into a high ponytail and walked downstairs.   

            I quickly made breakfast for me and Kaylee. "Kaylee come on!!! " I yelled again. All of a sudden I heard her running downstairs with a light green shirt, white short shorts, and her hair in a side braid. " Good morning my munchkinz!" I said to her.  " Morning, and just so you know I am not a fucken munchkin. I'm only two inches smaller than you..." she said a little annoyed. We both cracked up because shes never serious. " C-come on  w-we have to go n-now before we're both late" I say while giggling. " Alright! LEGGO!!" she says.    We walk out of the flat and into my car. It only took a few minutes to get her to the studio. She quickly got out of the car and called out to me " Don't forget my strawberry and banana smoothie!!". She ran inside before I could respond. Then I was off to work.   


Kaylees Pov.            



I run from the car my dark brown hair slicked into one brown braid to the right side of my head. I'm so excited all I manage to say to Violet is "Don't forget my strawberry banana smoothie!", and I was gone in a flash before I could hear her response.        

               I open the doors to a giant dance studio with about 6 girls staring right at me. I quietly try to walk past them and I put my bag next to a big green bag saying "Niall" on it with messy bold letters. I hurry to my seat, when I hear a very thick Irish accent saying "Hello class I'm your teacher,". A blonde haired teenager looked to be about 5'7 walks out and smiles right at me.            


I smile back realizing its Niall Horan from One direction. I try not to fangirl and text Vi, "Niall Horan is teaching my class!!! xx" I put my phone in my white shorty shorts.     "Today im going to pair you girls up with each other and since there is an odd amount someone will have to be with me" Niall says.    Imeditley I cross my fingers and shut my eyes tightly praying " Please god! PLEASSEEE!" I say. Suddenly I hear "Hello, whats your name?" I glance up seeing his bright blue eyes twinkle and stare into them deeply. "Ka-Ka-Kaylee" I reply nervously.   "Well hello Kaylee!" Niall says enthusiastically  "Hello!" I say with a nervous smile.


Buzzzz! My phone buzzes in my pocket and I fall into Niall' s arms startled. I pull away very embarrassed and blushing "im so sorry!" I apologized.   "Ha ha! Its okay, lass!" Niall says laughing his perfect laugh. I just give a smile and try to think of something to talk about just when my phone rings. "You don't know your beautiful" blared. "Please excuse me". " Hello?" I questioned.


Violets Pov.      



          Work went by faster than I thought it would. So before I went to pick Kaylee up I turned my phone back on and saw the message she sent me and smiled.    She said that Niall Horan was teaching her class  ( she absolutely adored him! XD) . I called her saying that she should keep her cool and that Id be there to pick her up in about 15 minutes.Once I finished talking to her, I parked my car in the Starbucks parking lot and walked inside.   


            I waited in line and once I got up to the counter and order Kaylees smoothie. As I turned around I ran right into another person. " Oh. My gosh! Im sooo sorry !" I said. " Its quiet alright love!" he replied in a thick british accent, which I have to say made me quiet weak at the knees.  I quickly ran and got some napkins knowing that I was blushing like an idiot. When I walked back over to him and handed the napkins shyly. He took them greatfully and wipped his shirt.    Thats when I got a good look at him. He was wearing a blue and white varsitey jacket, old faded jean, Nikes, and Raybands. He's about 5'9, had jet black hair that was in a quiff, tan skin, and beautiful caramel colored eyes. 

             " Whats your name love?" he asked me. " Im Violet." I replied and blushed. " Im surprised you dont know I am.." he replied. He pulled of his raybands and my eyes widened. Standing right in front of me was Zayn Jawadd Malik from One Direction! Okay Vi just keep your cool, dont embarass yourself in front of your idol. Zayn chuckled at my respoce. I whispered softly in his ear " Dont  worry your secrets safe with me". He then bought  me  another smoothie ( and i let him because he kept insisting... : /) and we just talked for a bit. I think I have a crush on him.....  I found out that he had the cutest laugh, a million dollar smile that made you melt on the spot, and that his eyes were addictive!!! It turns out he and the lads were on break here for a little bit.

            We exchanged numbers and then we got up to leave. " Uh could u gimmie a ride? I kinda need to pick up Niall..." Zayn said. " Sure come on," I said while giggling. We headed put to the car and got inside. I turned on the radio and WMYB came on and the two of us sang along. When Zayns part came on he sang it and took my hand looking into my eyes. I blushed wildly and his cheeks were tinted pink.  Once we got to the studio I told Zayn that I had to pick up Kaylee and we both walked in together smiling and laughing.        

            I saw Kaylee dancing with Niall and I guess Zayn did too because he whispered huskily in my ear " I think my Nialler fancies your friend over there..," .  I shivered and turned around to face him and realized how close our faces were and blushed and turned back around to face Kaylee who just said " Take me home" while looking down. However when she looked up she moust have seen my blush so she started smirking at me and Niall was wiggling his eyebrows at Zayn.   


      Zayns Pov


 " Oh! My! Gosh!! Im so sorry!!" a sweet soft voice says. I looked down to see a girl about my age looking up into my eyes with her deep dark brown ones. " Its okay love" I replied. She quickly turned around and got some napkins blushing a deep shade of red.  She came back and handed me the napkins, and I took them greatfully. I started to wipe my shirt and finally got a good look at her. She was about 5'7, had long, wavy, auburn hair that was pulled up in a highpony , and olive skin. Not to mention the voice of an angel.  She didnt know it but I had caught her looking me over.    

    " Whats your name love? " I asked. She jumped from being startled, but replied very shyly " Im Violet,". " Im surprised you dont know who I am" I say. Shit Zayn!! Dont blow it!! But instead I slid of my raybands and her eyes grew wide.   She got up on her tip-toes and whispered in my ear with her addictive american accent " Dont worry your secrets safe with me..,". I amediately got weak at my knees and shivered. Wow, who knew she could have that affect on me....   I bought her another smoothie (after I keep insisting that is) and we talked for a while. I think I was crushing on her.

       Also, we exchanged numbers. She had the cutest laugh, and her smile was breath taking. She also had this sparkle in her eyes that made you want to look into them.  I suddenly remembered that I needed to pick up Niall and I didnt have a ride, maybe Vi could gimmie one... " Uh could you gimmie a ride?" I asked. " Sure! come on!" she said  giggling.     

       We headed out to her car and got inside. She turned on the radio and WMYB came on and the two of us sang along. When my part came on I sang it and took her hand looking into her eyes. She blushed wildly and I had a feeling that my cheeks were tinted pink.    Once we got to the studio she told me that she had to pick up Kaylee (her friend  that wanted the smoothie which made us meet one another (; ) and we both walked in together smiling and laughing.   She was so cute. WAIT WHAT?!? Yes, yes Zayn you think shes cute, sweet, funny, adorable, and everything about her makes you smile! I- I think I might be falling for her. Yeah, Im falling for Violet, hard.  

Kaylees Pov


" Hello?" I questioned. " Hey its me, just keep your kool and Ill be there in 15. bye" Vi said. "RING RINGGGG!" That was the bell signalling the class was over. "Well niall nice meeting you, but I see my friend over there. I should get going..." I say grabing my bag and starting to walk away.    I feel a hand on my wrist and I spin round looking face to face with Niall. "Youre forgetting something!" He says in a sweet thick irish accent.  "What?" I say confused.     

        I look down and see him writing his number on my hand. Speechless, I manage to smile. "I think you'll be using that" he says with a smile. Shocked, I walk up to violet, " Take me home..." I say toher, but when I looked up I saw the blush on her cheeks and Zayn was staring at her with his cheeks tinted pink. I smirked at her and she just glared at me. I noticed that Niall was wiggling his eyebrows at Zayn and that made him blush deeper.   

Nialls pov.        


      "I need to go!!" I say in a hurried voice. I manage to grab two handfuls of ceral (even know that wont be enough) and asked louie to drive for me. As i turn on the radio our hit song "What makes u beautiful" came on. I hum along and grab my stuff. I look at my phone, "8:59" "shit! Im late!" I say rushing inside.       

       "Hello class, Im your teacher." I say looking at a beautiful girl with dark brown hair in a braid to the right side of her head. I smile right at her. She gives a nervous smile back.      "Today im going to pair you girls up with eachother and since theres an odd amount, someone will have to be with me" i say. Once i was done pairing the the girls, there was one left. I look down to find her eyes shut, her fingers crossed, and mumbling something.     

       I clear my throat and clearly say, "Hello whats your name?" I could tell she was nervous because she replied as "Ka-Ka-kaylee" "well hello Kaylee" I say  staring into her beautiful hazel eyes. "Hello" she replied.          Suddenly I hear a buzz and later did i know, she was in my arms. She pulls away blushing a perfect shade of red. "Im so sorry!" she said sweetly. Later, after showing her the first steps, i played it classy and walked to my phone.     

       Pretending I  was texting one of the lads. "Ring ring!" That was the bell and I watched as she put her bag on her shoulder. " I should get going" she said quietly. "Now Niall! Now!" my consouis screamed. I grabed her wrist and said "youre forgeting something!" "what?" she says confused.     After writting my number on her hand i say "i think youll be using that!" she smiles and walked away without saying a word.  

Kaylees Pov


       Violet grabs my hand and looks at it questioning. Zayn looks over her shoulder and says "Hey! Thats Niallers handwriting!" Violet gives me a look. "I'll tell u later!" I say smiling to the ground. Would you two like to come tp our appartment for tea and to hang out for a while? " Sure." me and Violet replied keeping our cool.     


     Nialls Big blue eyes stare into mine. Which makes my knees go weak. I later relized violet was staring at us and I look away blushing. I get in the car and sat next to niall (which i would often get lost in his gourgous sparkling blue eyes)      

   Once we got to back to Zayns and Nialls apartment, Vi and I get out of the car, which cause Niall and Zayn to give us wide smiles." Just follow us." Niall says sweetly. We do as were told and follow them upstairs to thier flat and wait for Niall to unlock the door. Once we got insode it was an amazing sight. Their flat was amazing! It had two big black couches and one tan love seat.   

       I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Niall.  "Hey! Would u like to go dancing with Zayn and I tonight?" he asked.   " Sure! What time will you pick me up?" I say replying. "8:00. " I look at the clock. "4:35 "Ive still got  time." I tell myself. Niall led me to the kitchen and I sat on the counter as he made me my tea.      


Nialls Pov


    "Hello violet!" I say and get lost in Kaylee's hazzel eyes. She looks away after a while blushing and stareing at the ground. after getting dropped off,  we ask the girls if they would want to come over for some tea and just to chill at our apartment.     A little later...i get the courage to ask kaylee to go dancing with Zayn and I. She said sure! Im so excited..."4:35!" i say to myself . " ive still got time!" i thought. As I led Kaylee into the kitchen I saw her sit on the counter and I chuckled lightly, making her tea. 


 Violets pov    


       We all walked back out to the car and got in. I got into the drivers sode and started the car. Zayn turned on the radio and Viva La Vida by coldplay came on and me and Zayn sang  along laughing and carrying on. We were heading to their flat to hang put and have some tea. I was kinda nervous because the last time I ever went to a boys house was when I was dating my ex boyfriend Johnny.     I started to think about how bad he treated me. The hitting, kicking, pushing, shoving, burning, even cutting. I felt warm liquid roll down my cheeks and I realized that I was crying. I saw Zayn staring at me with concern in his eyes and then he mouthed " Your tellin me later".     

    All I did was nod my head and look ahead at the road. Then I thought to myself could I trust Zayn? Would he call me a freak because of my scars? Zayn tapped my shoulder and pointed to the big complex in front of us and I pulled into the driveway. We all got out of the car and headed up to thier flat. Once Niall unlocked the door I was breathless at the view. The walls were a beautiful creme, and there were two big black couches and one tan love seat.       

       I felt my hand being squeezed. I looked up to see Zayn with the same look of concern in his eyes. He lead me into his room and closed his door. Thats when I felt the tears come and I couldnt control myself. I feel to my knees sobbing uncontrolably. Zayn picked me up and gently put me down on his bed. " Why are you so upset love?" he asked.   

    Thats when i realized from the way he said that,  that I could trust him. " You cant tell anyone. And only my closest friends know this..." I said. I took a deep breath and explianed everything that Johnny had done to me. When I finished I looked into his eyes, they were dark and cold. His facial expression was stone, and he was clenching his jaw.  

       He then pulled me into a tight hug and I immediately hugged back. " Violet you can trust me I wont tell anyone about that. Your secrets safe with me," he whispered in my ear. I smiled and hugged him tighter. I knew I had found a keeper.


Zayns Pov

After Violet finished telling me about her ex I clenched my jaw and gritted my teeth. That guy was a total asshole! I mean who in hell would treat a girl as sweet and as sensitive as Violet like total trash? i know for sure that i wouldnt. I'm gonna make her feel better.

   " Violet, Niall and I are going dancing tonight, would you like to come?" I asked her softly. She just stared at me with a serious expression, her big darkbrown orbs stareing into my light carmel colored ones. I felt butterflies go loose in my stomach and she cracked a smile and said to me " Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes !!!!" and she hugged me tightly wrapping her arms around my waist.

With that said and done I lead her downstairs and Niall and I said our goodbyes. We then sprinted upstairs to get ready. I put on a tight black V-neck, dark blue chinos, my white Nikes, and my black and grey varsitey jacket. I fixed my quiff from earlier and then I heard Niall say " Zayn, I'm going to get something for Kaylee!". " I wanna come! I wanted to get something for Vi!!' I hollered. HE agreed and we headed to the car and were off to the shopping center.



Authors note:

hey guys victoria here!!!! just thought Id add a little to the chapter!!!!  its me and kayls' first fan fic and we're trying really hard!!1  lemmie know what you think! Vote comment  and become a fan!!!







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