ill never let anyone hurt you

pain and love those two words never go well together right?
how about pain to love?
when your life has never been easy and loveing was never something you have ever known , can you learn to trust and love again?

meet skylar, she has never been one to trust anyone.when one harry styles comes into her life it all changes. she has a perfect life now everything is good but all good things must come to an end right.
old boyfriend jason shows up. and skylar has to walk in to her home to a nightmaring sight, when something like this couldnt have happend at a worse time life just seems to fade away.will anything be the same again


4. the new me

as soon as i felt like i could do anything. ifelt great about my self now.i got up and went to take a shower.when i got out i put some sweats on and then put my hair in a bun.. i turned around and harry was still asleep.that had to change...i ran a jumped on him and pulled him hair and nibbled on his ear... when i saw thoses eye open i had to smile "ok harry get up" he just hung there holding my hand "but mommy 5 more minutes"  i just kissed him and"harry we need to go shopping"  he sat up but still with his eyes close "5 days with you women and you want to spend my money, thats just cold"he just put his hands on his hips and smiled...."babe plz i want a new hair new look new everthing...plz..." "fine but you might need some help." i didnt know what he ment but 0an hour there was a knock on the door harry went to answer it and i was at the end of the hall,just then louis ran in with elanor saying "who readdy to get sass cash and ass"we all just laughed ..the first stop was my hair black and blue wasnt the best for me..el made harry leave when me started beacsue she didnt want him to see anyhting.when i was done with thati went to look in the mirror but they wouldnt let me "new look ,you cant see any of it til we ARE DONE , now put this on" she handed me and blindfold..eleanor pulled me to get my nails done witch i really like. next to get some closes. justbefore we were done i had to to the bathroom. and when i was in there i felt the scarr jason left on me.. if i was starting over i needed to erase everyhting thathas to do with jason.. i went up to el and told 'i need to one more thing ' 'whats that"...i made sure its what i wanted and told her 'i want a tatoo"



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