ill never let anyone hurt you

pain and love those two words never go well together right?
how about pain to love?
when your life has never been easy and loveing was never something you have ever known , can you learn to trust and love again?

meet skylar, she has never been one to trust anyone.when one harry styles comes into her life it all changes. she has a perfect life now everything is good but all good things must come to an end right.
old boyfriend jason shows up. and skylar has to walk in to her home to a nightmaring sight, when something like this couldnt have happend at a worse time life just seems to fade away.will anything be the same again


5. new

a-a tattoo" Eleanor stuttered "yeah,see i have this scar from Jason and if im going to start over then  i need to cover it" i waited as she pondered the idea "fine , but what would you get i mean like your not covering you whole arm are you?" "of coarse not but i cant get it done for a while anyway so i have time to think about it" i thought that was smart make sure what i was heaving permantly drawn on my body was what i wanted. "OK well we have to finish your hair" El smiled , i sat down in the chair and thought as the seat when back, what if Jason had not hit me that day , what if i hadn't slid down the stairs, non of this would be happening. I cant believe im thinking this i mean am i really kind of thanking Jason for hitting me.


Finally, we were done. i was so excited, my hair was longer thanks to extensions, my nails were french tips and like pretty. my close were so nice and pretty and i felt good in them , and oh my god they like covered my whole body. I was a bout to see harry and i just hope he liked the new me. i walked back in to the living room and saw him , he was talking to lou as soon as he saw me his jaw dropped i felt tear start to form in my eyes. my life was changing i just new it . I just wish i could get into harrys head and see what hes thinking.


Harry's POV

         she was so beautiful, i couldnt believe it was the same girl i was looking at, her hair was different her attetude was differnet she was differnt.  For the first time i think i saw the real her , the her she wanted to be not the one she was forced to be. I stood up and went over to her tears were steaming down her face. i wiped them away with my thumbs. 'shh shh, you look beautiful' "really?' how could she question it. "love i would never lie to you" i kissed her forehead "well we should show off this new lovly lady, why dont you come with us to meet up with the rest of the guys for dinner' lou said with excitement "that sounds great , but do you guys think they will like me'' " of coruse and if they dont they are crazier then usall"  i smiled "well ok then lets go"



*authors note- i hope you guys like it plz give me your honest opinion, should i keep going or should i just give up*


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