ill never let anyone hurt you

pain and love those two words never go well together right?
how about pain to love?
when your life has never been easy and loveing was never something you have ever known , can you learn to trust and love again?

meet skylar, she has never been one to trust anyone.when one harry styles comes into her life it all changes. she has a perfect life now everything is good but all good things must come to an end right.
old boyfriend jason shows up. and skylar has to walk in to her home to a nightmaring sight, when something like this couldnt have happend at a worse time life just seems to fade away.will anything be the same again


7. meeting the rest of the family

We left the apartment and went to the car. i sat in the back with harry and the whole time we just laughed at what ever Louis was saying. we drove up to the restaurant, and i felt the butterflies in my stomach grow.I was just so nervous that they wouldn't like me.Harry came around and opens the door . As we walk in to the restaurant  i could see the rest of one direction. i had met them once before, but they only knew me as "that girl in the hospital bed , who fell out her door " lovely i know. I grabbed harry s hand. "well harry who is the knew girl" i couldn't believe it they don't remember me."this is skylar , remember?' harry was thinking the same thing as me "oh my god, skylar you look great' niall said, I swear his jaw was touching the floor. i turned toward the other boys. and they just stared. "So did you guys get us a table?" harry asked. "um yeh we were going to call you but , the place is full" liam said kind of guilty. i looked at my phone whitch said 6 oclock "well you guys want to go and watch a movie" "yeh we can all go back to my flat and watch something there" harry added. everyone aggred  . and back to harrys house we went

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