ill never let anyone hurt you

pain and love those two words never go well together right?
how about pain to love?
when your life has never been easy and loveing was never something you have ever known , can you learn to trust and love again?

meet skylar, she has never been one to trust anyone.when one harry styles comes into her life it all changes. she has a perfect life now everything is good but all good things must come to an end right.
old boyfriend jason shows up. and skylar has to walk in to her home to a nightmaring sight, when something like this couldnt have happend at a worse time life just seems to fade away.will anything be the same again


8. dont ever call me again

     we all piled in to ours cars, and started to drive. i was sitting in the back of the car with harry, his big arms wrapped around me. I felt so safe in his arms, like no one could ever hurt me. i look up to see harry s big green eyes looking down at me. i could hear Louis and Elanor singing and i didn't want to disturb them so i just mouthed to harry "i love you" he got why i did it and mouthed back "i love you too "i felt like the happiest person on earth.i looked over to see Lou kiss Elanor ... they are the cutest.


       when we finally got back to the flat, no one really wanted to watch a movie anymore. "hay who wants to play truth or dare"louis yelled. everyone said yes "hay im just going to change into somthing more comfortible" i told harry , he nodded and kissed me. i went and got my cloths . i looked at myself in the mirror. this is finally someone i would want to see.i loved my self for once.  i got dressed and went to sit with harry. "ok whos zayn truth or dare."liam said "ok dare" "ok i dare you to....kiss harry on the lips" he did what he was told and kissed harry, then sat down... my stomach hurt from laughing.

just then my phone rang i went to look at it , it was jason . i looked at harry and said id be back. i went on the  balcony and answered the phone "what do you want jason" "i want my girl back" "well she went and jumped off a cliff, im not that girl anymore ok, i will never be that girl ever again" i turned around to see my new "family" laughing "well did you tell him about the old you" "yes i did, and he loves me even with everything" i started to tear up " did you tell him EVERYTHING sky" i knew what he ment  "jason i dont want to think about it" "whycause you dont want to rember the pain, huh bitch it was your falut . you caused it" "shut up" your the one who mad it happen" i couldnt take it "shut up jason" " it was all you skylar you lost them i wasnt me or anyone else all fucking you " 'shut up just shut the fuck up please" i was on the floor , crying harder then anything . next thing i knew harry had his arms around me "it wasnt my fault, it wasnt my fault" i opend my eyes and saw zayn grab my phone "listen if you ever call skylar again i will have so many people after you , you couldnt be able to getaway" he hung up and came over and sat down with harry " shh shh love its ok , we have to get you inside "i couldnt stand so the boys had to carry me to the room.

   the girls came in .i could see tears in harrys eyes, he came over and knelled by the bed "skylar love ill be in the living room ok, i love you ,the girls will talk to you " he kissed my head before he left i grabbed his arm "you can tell them ok" he just nodded "sky , tell us what happend" danny said really gently i told them everything but i had to add somehting " about a year ago i got  pregnant , and me and jason were happy for the first time." i wiped my tears "it was twins a boy and a girl, i loved them so much but i lost them" i cryed again " me and jason got into a fight he kicked my stomach and  i tryed to get away , i fell down the stairs. im always falling but hes always blaming me for it " "i was 7 month prgenant , i got to see my babies" danny and perry were crying and el couldnt even move "they were so small and cold " i just want them back " " well thats what jason was yellingatme say- it-was-my -falut" i balling "it wasnt my flaut i tryed everything " just then harry came in and hugged me so tight i couldnt breathe but i didnt mind , the other boys had tears in there eyes as well the hugged the girls , niall was just standing there with tears in his eyes , i put my arm out for him and hugged my boys 


After the crying stopped, it was to late for everyone to go home "you guys could stay over there are 3 rooms and -" "ill sleep on the floor ' niall said everyone went to sleep but me , i went to my bag and grabbed my wallet it had the pictures  of my babies "mama loves you, she always has and alwaus will ok .I am so sorry  i wish i could be holding you in my arms right now , and you could see how happy mama is right now i love you babies so much  " harry woke up and called me over "sky its not you falut ok, you couldnt have ever done anything more than what you did sky, plz dont beat your self up over something that wasnt your fault " i nodded and layed down with harry . i fell asleep with tears in my eyes and my babies on my hearts





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