ill never let anyone hurt you

pain and love those two words never go well together right?
how about pain to love?
when your life has never been easy and loveing was never something you have ever known , can you learn to trust and love again?

meet skylar, she has never been one to trust anyone.when one harry styles comes into her life it all changes. she has a perfect life now everything is good but all good things must come to an end right.
old boyfriend jason shows up. and skylar has to walk in to her home to a nightmaring sight, when something like this couldnt have happend at a worse time life just seems to fade away.will anything be the same again


1. her story

What did she do?  did she ever so anything?  when will he stop?........skylars pov. the pain was excrusheating. my arms were so sore from his hand hitting me. all i did was not tell him were i was. just then his fist hit my face like a bat hitting a ball."i begged him to stop "but he didnt stop he never stopped. i loved him more then anything i did what he wanted but it was never enough. after a half an hour of pain, he finally stopped but not with out one last kick to the ribs and i herd a crack and a sharp pain in my side.i was cry more than i ever have."shut up you stupid bitch" 'can you p-please take me to the hospital" i stammered out inbetween crys "you have legs use them, god your so useless, your so lucky to have me as a boyfriend' he got his coat and walked out the house. there was a puddle of blood nexts to me head and stomach. i was in so much a pain but i knew i had to get up. i tryed to get to my legs but it was no use i couldnt. i started to crawl and that when i remebered i was on the second floor. i got to the stairs and tryed to grab the railing but the blood on my hannds made it slipery,i sliped and fell down the stairs. i herd a crack.there goes anotther rib. i finally  got to the door opend it but i fell again. just then 5 oys ran up to me. every thing was going blurry but the last thing i saw was a curly haired boy with gorgas green eyes.

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