Becky is a normal teenage girl, until she meets Niall Horan.Soon her life turns upside down! Find out what happens!


4. Gossip

Becky's POV
I got up the next morning and decided to walk to the gift shop in our hotel. I saw a magazine there. I bought it because me and Niall were on the cover of it.Kissing. I went upstairs and read the article about it . I had read enough. I turned on the television. On it was some talk show host holding a picture of me and Niall kissing in her hand. She was saying stuff like "Who is this mystery girl?" or "I'm sorry girls, but it looks like Niall is taken!".I
was sick of it.I went on my laptop,and decided to go on twitter. I already had like 2,000 followers! Most of the tweets I got were compliments, stuff like " I love your hair". Or "You are really pretty!" but some of them said stuff like "Your a slut!" or "You don't deserve Niall!" those were the ones that really hurt. Too much gossip!
Ashley's POV
when I got up,Becky was in the shower, so I picked up the magazine that was sitting on the table. I looked at the cover. It was a picture of Becky and Niall.Kissing.I read the article. After that I turned on the television. A talk show host was talking about Niall and Becky's kiss. I turned it off and went on twitter. I noticed that Becky had about 2,000 followers! I read what they were tweeting to her. Most tweets were good compliments, but some were really bad insults! When Becky got out of the shower I made her tell me everything!
Niall's POV
Wow! A lot of people on twitter were saying some pretty mean stuff about Becky. I hoped she was ok. I sent her a text asking her is she was ok. She texted back that a few little insults weren't going to hurt her.
Becky's Mom's POV
My daughter is on every talk show! She is on the cover on all magazines! She is famous! I decided to check her twitter! Wow. Some people can be really cruel! I know my daughter is tough enough to get through this!
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